Operation Mueca
Operational scope Strategic offensive
Location Territory of Alconbria
Planned by Altivebrio Defense Forces
Target Military of Alconbria
Date 22 January 1988 (1988-01-22) - 25 January 1988 (1988-01-25)
Executed by Altivebrio Defense Forces
Outcome Ecro sucessfully re-captured.
Casualties 1,283 killed

Operation Mueca (English: Operation Grin) was a successful military offensive conducted by the Altivebrio Defense Forces during the early stages of the Third Altivebrian Civil War, against the Alconbria Liberation Council. Through this military operation, the defenses of the Military of Alconbria was severely weakened, which allowed the Altivebrio Defense Forces to re-capture the city of Ecro and areas surrounding it.

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