Operation Hacksaw
Operational scope Strategic defensive
Planned by Ridrecko Liventi
Target Elre Missiles Factory, Maroto
Date 9 June 2010 (2010-06-09)
5:00 – 19:54
Executed by Ridrecko Liventi
Outcome Successfull destruction of the missiles
Casualties None killed
None injured

Operation Hacksaw was a military operation in summer 2010 by the Ridrecko Liventi, against the Altivebrio Defense Forces which aimed to destroy the stock newly made Altivebrian La Bufar high altitude cruise missiles in it's factory in the outskirts of Maroto.

The special squad STLT-10 infiltrated Altivebrio through the border crossing south-west of Pleforio carrying 4 surface-to-surface electro-optic high power missiles. The squad tunnelled through the border, and resurfaced undetected 10 miles east of the border. A high-altitude reconissance aircraft of the Alconbrian Air Force provided aerial footage, which was relayed without delay to the command centre and transmitted directly to the field operatives.

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