Operation Black & White, also known as the Charity Scandal was an Alconbrian economic operation, in which the Abystato Foreign went to steal Angola's oil in the guise of a humanitarian aid company Olti Abrit Charity, from 2012 till the operation was discovered by the Angolan authorities in 2016. After the detection, Angola cut all ties with Alconbria and called for economic sanctions on Alconbria in the United Nations.

The Alconbrian government did not respond to the discovery, but pulled all the Olti Abrit agents and workers from Angola, and recalled the diplomatic mission. The scandal also led to a political crisis in Angola, triggering unrests and uprisings against incumbent President Jonas Neto Boavida. Subsequently, a militant Marxist organization, People's Revolution of Angola unsuccessfully tried to seize power, resulting in the Second Angolan Civil War. Seizing the chance, Alconbria invaded Angola in September 2016, and fully occupied it by November 2016, and established the puppet state of Free Angola on 2 February, 2017 with Ralvo Mortennz as its governor, and Iko Eduardo as its President.

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