Oisa Klerfauriez Ramos (born 12 February, 1952) is an Alconbrian politician who is currently serving as the innaugural Governor of Estany from 2008. Often described as a conservative hard-right socialist, Ramos was one of the pioneers of Modern Nacioism, and is a member of the Alconbria People's Party.

Born to Alconbrian immigrants in Mexico, Ramos majored political science in her college. She spent most of her youth campaigning against the anti-Alconbrian sentiment in Altivebrio. She sneaked into Altivebrio, and joined the Military of Alconbria in 1988, and worked as a military guard stationed in Unforto. She joined the administration of the Territory of Alconbria in 1996, and lead a faction which advocated right-wing policies in a socialist context, creating Modern Nacioism.

After independence, Paul del Santé appointed her as the Governor of Estany. She immediately deported over 200,000 Malpuros who were settled there since the 1980s and completely legalized Sklori. She implemented her own version of a planned state, with government control over the villages and towns, while a free market was prevalent in the urban areas. Under her leadership, Estany became one of the most richest states of Alconbria.

She married former military officer and current millionaire businessman Threbon Levannert in 1983, and they both have three children - Ifrena Ramos, Jlera Ramos and Vren Ramos. Her husband lives in Alcacer, while she lives with her youngest two children in Crase del Bette, Estany.

2009 torture caseEdit


Oisa, after her arrest warrant was waived.

In August 2009, she was suspected for the strangling of three Malpuros, who were allegedly kidnapped from their Metsarbarros. The children's bodies were found in an abandoned high-end SUV, which belonged to personal secretary of Ramos' second daughter. Investigations revealed that Jlera Ramos gifted her PA a new SUV, and borrowed her old one, and ordered Juan Mrenn, who was an Opkerifforse operative to kidnap three Malpuro children. The children were delivered, and Jlera, Oisa and Vren Ramos (Oisa's 13 year old son) each took turns in torturing the babies. Oisa said that they dropped boiling oil on the babies' eyes, pulled out their finernails and bit their fingers, and used electric cattle prods on their anuses and their mouths, impaling them and then finally running them over with the cars. Jlera said that the babies were locked up in jerry cans containing methanol, and were even waterboarded, and beaten with metal objects and forced to consume hydrochloric acid, which ripped up their body organs. Vren then drove the car to the jungle, and they abandoned it, leaving the babies and the torture tools inside, and were picked up by Ramos' private helicopter, and Jrel and Vren were dropped at their mansion, while Oisa went to her husband's beach house in the suburbs outside Alcacer.

The court waved off the charges of torture and homicide, but found her guilty of allowing her under-aged son to drive, and ordered her to be put under house arrest, while Jrel was sentenced to 2 months of imprisonment and Vren got 2 years, plus community service. However, under Oisa's advice, Jrel fled to The Bahamas and she used her powers to remove the warrant for Vren's arrest. She spent 1 day under house arrest, until she was freed after a public protest.

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