"I act like I eat cake; with pleasure."
―Neil Edwards, in an interview, 2015.

Neil Fred Edwards (1976 - present) is an American television host and television personality. He gained mainstream success in the 1990s after playing usually funny and comic-relief roles in various sit-coms and animated shows. His most famous role as is Howell Black in the television series, The Clock. Neil has also acted in Motorheads, Agent, Brothers from Bohan and The Clarkes.

Neil initially started out acting in comedy roles during his teens. He is a successful movie actor, and received global praise for acting as special agent John Tobb in the 2003 film Territory. He also played antagonist roles, in the TV series Lock and Key and Jail Break and in films such as Captain Ryan (2005), Creed (2009), The Expedition II: King Rahata (2000) and in the sci-fi movie 42 (2003).

Neil is the elder brother of the famous corporate lawyer Marie Kunt.