National Building, c.2010

The National Building, formerly the Los Guez City Hall was the headquarters of the defunct Alconbria Liberation Council, located in Avenue of Alconbria in Nacia, Los Guez.

Even though administration of the Territory of Alconbria was moved to Gvonn in 1992, the National Building still continued to serve as the headquarters of the ALC.

The building was hit by bombs thrice, twice in 1993 and once in 1996, and was subsequently rebuilt. The President of Alconbria delivers a speech every year on 18 January, to commemorate the beginning of the Alconbrian War of Independence.

The building was constructed by the French in 1515, and served as the administrative centre of the French Central America, before the city was captured by the Spanish in 1520. The building is a major national spot of historic significance, as well as a popular tourist spot.

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