Symbol of Modern Nacioism

Nacioism (Alconbrian: Alnkonacio) is the ideology associated with the Alconbria People's Party and Alconbria, and prior with the Alconbria Liberation Council, which governed the Territory of Alconbria from 1984 till 2008.

Political scholars have placed Nacioism in the far-left quadrant of the left-right politics, but the APP has disagreed with them, saying that their ideology cannot be placed on a conventional political compass. Nacioism developed out of European socialism, capitalism and fascism, all of which were prevalent around the early 20th century.

Nacioism aimed to create a classless society with a lightly socialistic ordoliberal economy and a powerful military, binded together with extreme nationalism, syndicalism and welfare capitalism. Nacioism believes that a liberal democracy is obsolete, and a strong competent leader is required for swift decision making regarding economic difficulties or armed conflicts. Most importantly Nacioism sought to convince all parts of a new Alconbrian society to subordinate their personal interests to the "common good" and to accept the priority of political interests in economic organisation.

Nacioism was created in the 1920s by the Nacio family, and a Nacio sect existed within the Fascist Party of Altivebrio which ruled Altivebrio from 1939 till 1946. Nacioism was then declared illegal in Altivebrio, but it saw a resurgence in the 1960s and 1970s, before becoming the official ideology of the Alconbria Liberation Council in 1984. Modern Nacioism was conceived in the late 1990s, and forms the basis of the ideology of the APP, which has been in power in Alconbria for all years but 2011.


The name 'Nacioism' was coined by Altivebrian journalist Hector Morales in 1934, when he reviewed the Nacio family's Autoridad es la salida. Morales' review led to the popularity of the ideology; which resulted in a crackdown by Miguel de Odeo's government forces; resulting in the deporation of the Nacio family. The family opposed naming their ideology after them, and instead suggested it to be called Guzierism, after jehguzie; the Alconbrian word for national progress.

Modern NacioismEdit

Nacioism underwent changes during the rule of Paul del Santé over the Territory of Alconbria in the mid 90s, now emphasizing that social inequality is natural, complete ban of religion, and state capitalism. Modern Nacioism supported is also described as being highly protectionist, believing in self-sufficiency and autarky.

Modern Nacioism also believes that a multicultural society is a hindrance to economic development, and states should be as homogeneous as possible, leading to the discrimination and abuse of the ethnic minority, the Malpuro Alconbrians. Nacioism also tells that a person's wealth is based on his work, and the state controls the wealth of a person. Nacioism encourages national freedom, instead of personal freedom.

Nacioism advocates oppression and distrust of minorities, not because of racial superiority, but for survivability. Modern Nacioism also held a greater emphasis on war and plunder, believing that, in case of an economic failure, they should invade other countries to loot and put their money into use. Nacioism opposes gender differences, telling that men and women are equal, and believes in intellectual differences. Unlike traditional nacioism, which advocated for criminalizing mass media, Modern Nacioism, under principles introduced by Sihervo deTomaso and Oisa Ramos which advocated for full state control over the media. deTomaso wanted the media under the government's control, or else, to be suppressed.

Nacioism is against imperalism. Modern Nacioism theorist Harold Molinero believed that Alconbria should not join supranational organizations like the United Nations or the World Trade Organization, and instead should form close alliances with allies for conducting trade and organizing defense.

While the APP's policies are based on the fundamentals of modern Nacioism, it still describes itself as a 'Nacioist Party'; and APP spokeswoman Angie Delcrux said in 2012 that there is no difference between classic and modern Nacioism.

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