Kingdom of Montbéliard
Royaume de Montbéliard
MottoPour le monarque
(For the monarch)
Largest city Collines
Official languages French
Religion Rila'wiar and Frellism
Demonym Montbéliardian
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 -  Monarch Amelia II
 -  Minister of State Angeline du Winne
 -  Speaker of the Parliament Cecil Pelou
Legislature Queen's National Council
 -  Treaty of Pressburg 12 July 1806 
 -  Treaty of Paris 13 November 1808 
 -  Constitution 2011 
 -  Total 582 km2 
225 sq mi 
 -   estimate 245,340 
 -  Density 421.5/km2 
1,091.7/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2015 estimate
 -  Total $34.4 billion (124th)
 -  Per capita $140,570 (2nd)
GDP (nominal) 2015 estimate
 -  Total $33.16 billion (97th)
 -  Per capita $135,170 (4th)
Gini (2015) positive decrease 27.0
low (27th)
HDI (2016) Increase 0.922
very high (10th)
Currency Aise (AS)
Time zone Alconbria Time Zone (UTC -5)
Date formats dd/mm/yy
Drives on the Left
Calling code +628

Montbéliard, officially the Kingdom of Montbéliard is a sovereign microstate in Southern Europe, bordered by France and Italy to the sides and north, and to the Mediterranean Sea to the south. It's capital city is Roquerendroit.

Its current monarch is Amelia II.