Military of Alconbria
Active 1984 – 2008
Country Alconbriaold Territory of Alconbria
Branch Alconbrian Air Force
Alconbrian Navy
Type Paramilitary
Role To create an independent state for the Alconbrian people
Size 1,500,000
Part of Alconbria Liberation Council
Garrison/HQ Kilparmarria, Einvoriano
Nickname Orternsforse
Colors Red & Black         
Anniversaries 4 November (Victory Day)
Engagements Alconbrian War of Independence
Disbanded 2008
Commander-in-Chief Paul del Santé
Deputy Commander-in-Chief Adolfo Machiavelli

This article is about the military wing of the Alconbria Liberation Council. Not to be confused about the Alconbrian Armed Forces.

The Military of Alconbria (Alconbrian : Ejército de Alconbria) was an armed Alconbrian nationalist and separatist paramilitary organization in Altivebrio, and served as the military wing of the Alconbria Liberation Council. The organization was founded in 1984, after the Alconbria Liberation Council captured Murrala Guzman during the Battle of Guzmanacamparo.

The organization was considered a terrorist organization by Altivebrio, Guatemala, Nicaragua, South Korea, Pakistan, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, South Africa and Canada.

This group has killed over 900,000 Altivebrian soldiers, over 100,000 rebels during the course of the Altivebrian Civil War.

The group was dissolved in 2007 following the first charter of the Gvonn Pact, and began reorganizing itself as the federal armed forces of the about-to-be-established Federal State of Alconbria.




  • Plado I (1990 – 2005; over 1000 produced)
  • Plado II (1994 – 2007; over 1000 produced)
  • Plado III (2003 – 2008; over 300 produced)
  • Atroar (1991 – 2008; over 600 produced) (short range surface-to-surface ballistic missile)


Light Machine GunsEdit

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