Miguel de Odeo, c.1925

Lieutenant General Miguel Pedro José de Odeo OI (1872 – 1965) was an Altivebrian statesman, politician, former Lieutenant General of the army of Altivebrio who served as the President of Altivebrio from 1924 till 1939.

In 1909, he, along with Brigadier General Pedro Herrara found the racist nationalist organization, the Legiones de Pureza.

Miguel de Odeo died of a respiratory disease in 1965, when at the age of 93 in his mansion in Los Bruinez, 45 miles to the south of Los Guez.

One of his children, Joseph de Odeo also served as the President of Altivebrio from 1979 till 1984. His first daughter, Delphia de Odeo y Guardiola served as the Altivebrian ambassador to the United States of America from 1936 till 1951, and then as the Vice-President of Altivebrio from 1951 till her death in 1972.

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