Micaela in Carfo.

Captain Micaela Viegas (born 7 April, 1993) is an Alconbrian soldier who served in the Alconbrian Army from 2011 till 2013, and then as a sergeant in the state's gendarmerie Opkerifforse beginning from 2015.

In 2013, she was discharged from service after she was discovered possessing marijuana and ecstasy for recreational consumption.

In 2015, after having her record cleaned, was recruited into the Opker as a sergeant, and was stationed in a metsarbarro in Southern Krita Alconbria.

She is alleged to have massacred several Mayan villages in her stationed metsarbarro, and covered it up a wildfire.


Early lifeEdit

Micaela Viegas was born on 7 April, 1993 as the youngest daughter of Benjamin Viegas, a physics professor and Miliana Viegas, a chiropractor in Puerto de la Libertad, Territory of Alconbria. Her mother was injured when her chairty hospital was shelled by the Altivebrio Defense Forces in 1997.

She excelled physics in school, but generally favored sports and fashion more than studies. She captained her middle and high school basketball team, and was also a trekker. She studied biochemistry and liberal arts for most of her senior schooling.

Military serviceEdit

She was conscripted into the Alconbrian Armed Forces in 2011, at the age of 18. She completed most of her training courses in 2012, and became an active combat personnel. She was given a AMI DECX-2 bull-pup assault rifle as her main weapon. She also studied biochemistry and advanced physics under the army's education programs.

In 2012, she along with her squad mates composed a song with her as the lead vocal artist called La Eheyso, which was released in an album in December 1, 2012.

In 2013, she underwent special operations training in evasive running, bomb disarmament, crowd control and set the fastest time in 1 obstacle course.

She also underwent sniper training. On 18 August, 2013, she was discharged from military service after discovering to have possessed marijuana and other recreational drugs, and tested positive for drug use. She was in punishment for three months before she was relieved of all duties.

She subsequently spent her time doing community service, and campaigned for the prevention of drug abuse among young adults.

Opker officerEdit

In 2015, after the court cleared all the military records relating to drug use, she enlisted for the military again, but was denied. She subsequently joined the police department of Gvonn, but because of her military background, was drafted into the Opkerifforse. She first served in as the law enforcers in military occupied territories, and then requested to serve in the patrol force, which she was granted and was assigned to a metsarbarro in southern Krita Alconbria.

2015 Alconbrian wildfireEdit

On 12 May 2015, she and her squad mate Angélica Pinheiro drove to an ethnic Mayan settlement in her armoured patrol vehicle. She reportedly called a pregnant Mayan women for inspection, and then pepper sprayed her, letting the woman run away before shooting her 4 times using an ALG-95 rifle, which was not in active service by the Opker. She then shot a 14 year old boy in the face, killing him, and then began firing into the fleeing crowd, killing 15 and wounding 30. She then approached her patrol vehicle, took out 6 grenades and threw it inside the village, killing 3 more and starting a fire destroying more than 80 huts. Pinheiro allegedly filmed everything from the turrent hatch of their vehicle. They both then got inside the vehicle, and accelerated very fast, running over 8 fleeing Mayans.

They then drove to another Mayan settlement, and called in all of the residents to gather in the village centre. The village, unaware of the events in their neighbouring village, agreed to do so. Both Viegas and Pinheirto took several photographs of the confused crowd from their phones. Pinheiro mounted the camera on the turrent hatch. Both of the soldiers were on foot, and were armed with an M16A2, while Viegas had a AK-74u and Pinheiro a FN P90, and several AK-74s in the rear compartment of their vehicle. Viegas called a 7 year old Mayan girl towards her, and was heard talking something to her, appearing to be affectionate. This lowered the Mayan suspicion, and they lost their guard, but were extremely agitated when Viegas shot the girl in her right eye with her Browning Hi-Power.

The angry crowd rushed towards the officers, but were mercilessly gun downed by the heavily armed police officers. After losing more than 56 citizens, the Mayans began to flee into the forest. Viegas chased them on foot, killing them with her AK-74u as they were running away, while Pinheiro followed her in their vehicle. Viegas injured more than 11 Mayans, but the Mayans were successful in fleeing. In anger, the Alconbrian officers began throwing gas canisters into the forest, hoping to incapacitating the population, while shouting insults like they always did.

A couple of minutes later, Pinheiro went into the forest to check for survivors, while Viegas executed any survivors in the city. Pinheiro noted that most of the population died, while 72 of them were killed of poisoning. The two officers then placed explosives the village, and drove away from the village to record a victory video, where they celebrated the killing as the village exploded in flames, and noted disappointment that they failed to kill all the Mayans. They both got rid of their weapons in the fire, and not equipped their standard issue weapons and went to their base to clock off. They then went to celebrate the birthday party of a fellow trooper in the after-hours of the camp. The total casualities were reported to be around 168 killed, and over 200 who succumbed to their injuries and died in the subsequent fires.

The events were covered up by the Alconbrians as a wildfire.

Aftermath of the firesEdit

Three Mayan survivors claimed that it was the Opker who started the fire by killing the Mayans and burning the villages to remove all evidences. One of them, who worked as a labourer in nearby Alconbrian towns, claimed that two heavily-armed female troopers were the cause of the attack, and then narrated the incident, saying that "one killed while one filmed, both were laughing and shouting anti-Mayan slurs and expletives. One's name-tag read M. Viegas, while other's read A.Pienheiro."

Micaela and Angelica denied any involvement, saying it was fragmented anti-Alconbrian evidence. The judge rejected the allegation, but was eventually restarted again in a higher court. Now, the Mayans were supported by the Native Party. The opposition, the United Party for Progression declined to involve, but called for more unity among citizens.

Eventually, a tribunal was ordered to search Viegas and Pienheiro. The tribunal examined her residency, her parent's house, her camp and her assigned patrol vehicle, coming up with nothing. Only Viegas was a licensed gun owner, and that too of a sub-machine gun. Their lawyer claimed that the weapons they used were outphased by both the military and the Opker years ago, and the stocks were sold away, and the only way they could have gotten them was through purchasing, but only one of them was a gun owner, and that too had a license only for a SMG. They also said that both of the women were not on active duty at that time, but were under special training sessions, and on the aforementioned birthday celebration later on. Their vehicle's tire tracks did not show any sand or offroading effects, and the fuel was identical to the other wagons.

The phones of both Viegas and Pienheiro were inspected, along with their closest colleagues. Their private chat messages were also viewed by the tribunal, and both of them claimed that it was an invasion of their privacy. No photos were taken by the accused at the Mayan village. A video recorder was found under the possession of Pienheiro, but contained no footage relating to the attacks. All it had was a couple of military parties, and videos relating to other personal events: including the birthday of her niece, and her brother's graduation.

However, the tribunal said that they both, along with many of the soldiers had post racist, inflammatory comments in social media, defaming the Mayans, Altivebrians and other minorities of the region. The court ruled that they cannot be accounted guilty for these reasons, since it's a 'prevalent problem not exclusive to them'.

Eventually, the court found them not guilty due to a lack of evidence. Viegas and Pienheiro successfully counter-sued the Mayans for §50 million, but due to the lack of funds with the Mayan, they both settled for §500,000, payed to each by the Mayan community for defamation.

The decision led to heavy riots and violent protests in the metsurbarros of Alconbria. The gendarmerie, along with the state police and the military police were called to suppress the riots, and ironically, Viegas and Pienheiro were part of them. They both again killed more than 50 rioters, this time with authorization.

The Native Party demanded her execution, which the government refused to comply with. Subsequently, she and Angelica were transferred to a different gendarmerie division in the urban areas.

A couple of months after the riots, social media posts of her emerged, calling for a genocide of Altivebrians and Mayans, and that she was surprised how she got away, and planned for another attack in the future, and requested volunteers. The comments were heavily liked and got more than a million shares. A probe was ordered by the gendarmerie to investigate this.

Micaela was promoted to a Captain in the Opkerifforse in 2015, triggering an internal outcry by the Mayans. She also became an observatory parliament member, and attended three parliament sessions.

Awards & HonoursEdit

Micaela Viegas has received a variety of honours-

  • The Cecil Award for Curbing Terrorism (2014)
  • Cadet of the Year (2012)
  • Famo Reforsiono Award (2015)
  • Law Enforcement Award (2015)
  • Manuelo Rodrig Yuriez Award for Civil Services (2015)
  • Noble Medallion of Glory (2016)

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