Areas classified as Metsarbarros (green) and areas under control of the Border Security Force (light green)

According the constitution of Alconbria, Metsarbarros are lands managed by the what the constitution describes as 'native inhabitants' including the Beiljios, Mayans, Mestizos, the Garifuna people, the Injeiro and the castizos. The Metsarbarros also include the isolated Altivebrian people, which has been deemed illegal and racist by many international countries.

Metsarbarros have a minute representation in the Alconbria's population, with only 5 representatives for a population of 47.9 million. The Metsarbarros also have a lower standard of living, and are little to no access to proper healthcare, education, water, electricity, transportation and funds.

Their economy is mainly through state-owned farming, it's profits are then sent back to their respective decentralized government to be spent on their needs with no Alconbrian central interference.

Beginning from 2010, the Government of Alconbria began constructing Alconbrian settlements in the Metsarbarros.

The Metsarbarros is patrolled by the Alconbrian Army, and it's domestic law enforcement is done by the Opkerifforse and the border security force, rather than having a local police force.

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