"Mr. Madrazo... Mr. Madrazo is a legitimate businessman. He was wrongfully accused of... running a Mexican-American gang and a narcotic ring, but the charges were dropped because of the witnesses came up... missing."
―Franklin Clinton, describing Martin Madrazo to Michael De Santa, 2013.

Martin Madrazo is a powerful Mexican businessman, who also leads his own drug cartel in America. Madrazo lives in Los Santos, with his wife, Patricia Madrazo.

Madrazo is an extremely powerful 'legitimate' businessman, who has been 'wrongfully' accused of misconduct plenty of times before. Using his influence, Madrazo silences witnesses to keep a clean track record.

Madrazo appears in Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online and South Los Santos Stories.


Cartel Leader lifeEdit

Martin Madrazo is of Mexican descent. At some point in his life, he became a major businessman and operated his own drug cartel, the Madrazo Cartel.

Martin married Patricia Madrazo in 1983. However, by 2013, Martin had an affair with a Russian woman named Natalia Zverovna.

In 2013, Martin employed a new and rising criminal. He used that criminal as a merceneray to do his dirty work. In their initial meeting outside Natalia's mansion, Martin told the mercenary that the mansion did not belong to his mistress, but to one of his close business associates. One of Martin's cousins, El Estupido gets kidnapped by the Rednecks and Martin tasks the mercenary to save him.

Meeting Michael De SantaEdit

In that same year, former criminal Michael De Santa pulled down Natalia's mansion, thinking that it belonged to Kyle Chavis, the tennis coach of his wife. Natalia immediately reported this to Martin, and Martin sent a cartel hit squad after Michael and his protege, Franklin Clinton. Michael and Franklin, however, survive and eliminate Madrazo's hit squad.


Michael De Santa pulling down Madrazo's mansion.

Enraged, Martin, Natalia, Martin's cousin Javier and a cartel bodyguard drive over to Michael's mansion in Rockford Hills. Martin forces Franklin to give a background about him to Michael. Then, Martin hits Michael with a baseball bat and orders Michael to finance the rebuilding of the modernist Vinewood Hills home, which he believed to be around 2.5 million dollars. Natalia later spits on Michael, and they all leave.

Keeping his word, Michael managed to finance the rebuilding of the house. Martin expressed his gratitude to Michael via a phone call.

Later on, Martin called Michael and his old buddy Trevor Philips to his ranch in Vinewood Hills. Martin suspected his cousin, Javier of snitching. Martin was right, as Javier boarded a plane carrying sensitive material to testify in court. Martin ordered Michael to shoot down the plane with his state-of-the-art gun, and Trever to follow the plane and recover the files and eliminate Javier if he survived.

Michael does so, and Martin tells him to destroy the gun and the van it was in. Trevor recovers the papers, and eliminates the captain and Javier. He then drove back to Martin's ranch to deposit the papers and collect his reward.

Martin refused to pay, and this angered Trevor. Trevor cut off one of Martin's ears, and then kidnapped Patricia, whom he'd developed a crush after seeing her for the first time earlier, and sped off to this trailer in Sandy Shores. Martin then issues a death note to both Trevor and Michael, exiling them from Los Santos. Michael, who is shocked by this, hides in Sandy Shores along with Trevor Philips.

Meanwhile, Patricia soon falls in love with Trevor Philips. Michael, determined on returning to Los Santos steals a valuable Aztec artifact and presents it to Madrazo to barter for peace. Having a love for such artifacts, Madrazo accepts Michael's peace offer.

Soon after a hard separation, Trevor returns Patricia to Martin.

Later careerEdit

From 2013 to 2016, Martin's profits did not raise. He had a steady income, but he wasn't happy with the fact that other gangs were rapidly making progress in the drug market.

Also by this time, Martin began to love his wife Patricia more, but still kept Natalia as his mistress.

When Franco Martinez of the Los Santos Vagos came to Martin asking for a peace, Martin told Vagos gangster Hector Martinez to steal a few valuable artifacts in circulation across the state. Then Martin requested the help of Hector to safely move the received money to his warehouse, while avoiding other gangs and robbers. After this, Martin and Franco signed an agreement, bringing peace between the gangs.

However, Franco double-crossed Martin. Franco and Hector later rob Martin off the money, and then kidnapped and sold Martin's prized race horses. The money they promised to give to Martin after a deal with the Families was never given to Martin.

Enraged, Martin periodically sends hit squads after Franco and Hector Martinez, but they always managed to kill out the cartel gangsters.

Mission AppearancesEdit

  • Marriage Counseling
  • Fame or Shame (Post-mission message)
  • Caida Libre (Boss)
  • Minor Turbulence (Post-mission phone call)
  • Paleto Score Setup (Post-mission phone call)
  • Monkey Business
GTA Online
  • Out of Court Settlement (Boss)
  • Death From Above (Boss)
  • Check Out Time (Boss)
  • The Los Santos Connection (Boss)
  • Stick Up the Stickup Crew (Boss)
  • Grab Your Ballas (Boss)
  • Water the Vineyard (Boss)
  • Mixed Up With Coke (Boss)
  • Dry Docking (Boss)
  • Editor and Thief (Boss)
  • Cleaning the Cat House (Boss)
  • Holed Up - Burton (Boss)
  • Extradition (Boss)
  • Show Me the Monet (Boss)
  • Judging the Jury (Boss)
  • Defender (Boss)
  • Rooftop Rumble (Boss)
  • Trash Talk (Boss)
  • Artificial Scarcity (Boss)
  • Handle with Care (Boss)
  • On the List (Boss)
  • Time to Get Away (Boss)
  • Pickup Sticks (Boss)
  • Effin' Lazers (Boss)
  • Coveted (Boss)
  • Coasting (Boss)


Madrazo can be described as a short-tempered psycho who will do anything, be criminal or not, to remain in power. Madrazo is bent on maintaining respect, and will do anything to ensure that no rival crew or gang will top his. To achieve this, he'll send his mercenaries to destroy shipments and operations of any gangs, from the smaller stick-up crews to large street gangs like the Ballas.

But he still has a good side, as after Michael successfully repayed him; Madrazo shows some gratitude to him, and forgot about any bad happenings and gladly employed him. Madrazo respects anyone who respects him back and does jobs for him. Madrazo hates people who disobey him, or ignore him. He sent Michael and Trevor to take out Javier Madrazo after he began snitching. If the Online player doesn't do jobs for Madrazo for a long time, Martin will respond with angry phone calls.

Madrazo often 'greenlights' people, meaning that he'd sent hit squads after any person he hates. This includes jurors, witnessess, rival gangsters, people who've disobeyed him, people who had accepted his money but did not do the jobs etc. Madrazo also used his mercenaries to kill out any judges and witnessess in the case in which he was tried for running a narcotic smuggling gang.

Madrazo also mistreats his wife, and has an extramartial affair with a young Russian woman named Natalia Zverovna.

Personal LifeEdit

Madrazo has two cousins, Javier Madrazo and El Estupido. Madrazo gave Javier a greenlight in 2013.

Madrazo married his current wife Patricia in 1983. Madrazo has an affair with a young Russian woman named Natalia Zverovna.

Martin Madrazo lives with Patricia in a ranch in Senora Road. He also has a mansion in Hillcrest Avenue, Vinewood Hills in which his mistress, Natalia lives. Martin Madrazo also owns a property to the north of his ranch, in which he has a bunch of lock-ups and buildings.



  • Martin Madrazo's phone number is 346-555-0188.