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"Listen you fucking shit, if you don't testify in court, your worthless family will be tortured by sadistic FIB agents. Think you can cry for help? We can label your fucking daughter as a terrorist and torture her all day long without anybody noticing. Still want to remain silent, bitch?"
―Marie Kunt, threatening a person to testify in court, 2015.

Marie 'Maria' Myie Kunt (1979-2016) was an American criminal and corporate lawyer, author and a human rights activist. She held a high position in Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster before her murder in 2016.

Marie Kunt had successfully represented various high-level clients, and successfully sued many major corporations and companies including Heat, Karin and Enema. Prior to her death in 2016, she was the highest payed lawyer in the world, a position which she held from 2009.

She was on a case against a corrupt businessman shortly before her death. She was assassinated on her way to the airport after collecting evidence while in Los Santos.

is a minor character in GTA V's SP DLC. She was a lawyer and an activist who lead a case against corrupt businessman. The businessman ordered Los Santos Vagos gangster Hector Martinez to kill her while she collected incriminating evidence in Los Santos. She was killed while on her way to the airport. The case against the businessman was eventually lost.


Early lifeEdit

Marie Edwards was born in 1979 to a university professor father and a school teacher mother. She is the younger sister of television actor Neil Edwards. She was described as a perfect and an ideal student, and she had one of the best test scores for all classes in her state. She joined a law university in 1996 and obtained an LL.M in 2001.


She began her career as a lawyer in 2002 by joining Hammerstein & Faust, and made her breakthrough after sucessfully winning the lawsuit filed against Badger by the South Asian Workers Union for alleged racism and human rights violations in various Badger factories. This gained her fame and she became one of the most sought after lawyers after her next win against a millionaire businessman.

She also worked for a year in the International Court of Justice in The Hague. She returned to the USA in 2004 and was accepted into Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster. By this time, she moved into Liberty City. At this time, she married Joseph Kunt; a senior development manager of the Facade Corporation. She successfully defended a patent lawsuit against Facade by a 45 year old electrical engineer, further boosting her fame.

She gained multiple high-end clients including celebrities and large corporations, and by 2008, she had a net worth of $4 million. She became the world's highest paid lawyer in 2009 with a salary of over $1.8 million per year.

Her impressive law career had attracted the FIB, who used her as a spy since 2010.

She had international fame and success throughout her law career.


In 2016, she was selected to represent a lawsuit against a corrupt Los Santos based businessman by the FIB. The FIB had the businessman on a watchlist and wanted him arrested. She fought the battle confidently, but all the evidences were against them. In order to create fake incriminating evidence, she flew to Los Santos to convince few employees and assistants of the businessman against him.

After collecting the necessary evidence, she was set to fly back to Liberty City via her private plane to present the evidence in the court. The businessman knew about her cunning tricks and told a Latino gangster to kill her. She was assassinated on her way to the airport, and her escorts were later killed. After her death, the remaining lawyers were unable to defend the case and the lawsuit was later called off.

Prior to her death, she was worth around $15.4 million and the combined worth of the Kunt family was around $ 40 million.

Personal lifeEdit


Marie attending a party in Capital City, two months before her death.

Marie married one of Facade Corporation's senior development managers, Joseph Kunt after returning to the US in 2004. Kunt, who was already a millionaire at that time held the marriage in a private island with the company of colleges, parents and friends. All invitees of the marriage had to sign a contract of confidentiality, to prevent the marriage from being leaked. After the marriage, Marie took custody of Kunt's 5 year old son. Marie gave birth to her daughter during a family vacation in London in 2005. She had a pet dog named Axel, which lived for 10 years; from 2005 till 2015.

Marie had a relationship with FIB agent Cody Anderson. Cody's personal diary stated that he and Marie slept together on several different occasions. Marie secretly vacationed with Cody in France in 2011, when Joseph was busy with office work. They both had a similar vacation in Monaco in 2012, and in London in 2013.

Marie was arrested in 1996 for DUI. She was also arrested a year later for speeding and hazardous driving. She was also arrested in an Asian country for indecent drunk behaviour.



Marie is widely known for being expensive, it was reported in 2006 that she charged $2000 per hour, however the she and the spokesperson for Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster denied that accusation. While she mostly says that her prices are 'reasonable', on an interview for the Live magazine, she said, "Sure, people might find me expensive... but remember, quality comes with a price. Diamonds aren't for everybody."

A petition to ban her from practising law in the United States was started around 2010, but it wasn't successful and went away unnoticed. The petitioner, 56 year old store manager Harold Craig, was found dead a few weeks after he started the petition. Autospy revealed that he was strangled to death. Marie denied any involvement in his murder.

Affiliation with the FIBEdit


Marie in Liberty City, 2015.

In 2009, photos of Marie meeting with decorated FIB agent Cody Anderson circulated in the internet. Neither the FIB, or Cody Anderson commented on the matter. On a press interview, Marie said that she and Cody were childhood friends and only met for a casual chat.

When death threats were sent against the Kunt family in 2010, FIB agents were seen guarding Joseph Kunt's mansion as well as Marie's apartment in Liberty City. Anil Karekar, an Indian immigrant was supposedly gunned down a few blocks outside Marie's Algonquin penthouse by the FIB. He was wrongfully suspected to have come there to kill Marie.

The FIB are believed to have taken part in Marie's release from South Asian prison in 2011. She reportedly got drunk and shouted profane homophobic and racist insults in a bar while vacationing. She was supposed to serve a 7 year jail sentence, but she was immeditately released with no jail time. People used this as a proof of her involvement with the FIB.

Marie Kunt had successfully helped in the arrests of various criminals, businessmen and foreign nationals who were wanted by the FIB. False lawsuits were filed, and using her law skills, she won over many cases leading to the arrest of these individuals. FIB's spokesperson denied all accusations and said that Kunt is an honest and generous lawyer, who fights for the good.

In truth, she has worked for the FIB since 2010.


Marie's clothing sense has been a subject to controversy. She was denied permission to enter various premises due to not matching clothing standards and for inappropriate clothing.

Her outfits have received praise from the fashion press, but many complained that her clothing were made by corporations which violated basic human rights and were outright expensive to be worn in a formal place and in courts.


Marie is tall and has a well-built body. Her natural hair colour is blonde, but she has dyed it dark brown many times. In her appearance in the game, she wore a dark blue suit coat with a white shirt and dark blue skirt which stretched till above her knees. She complemented this appearance with high heeled pumps. She can also be wearing sunglasses during certain times.

Mission appearancesEdit

  • You Don't Deserve Liberty (killed)


  • It is possible to get her our of her car. If she is provoked, she will attack the player with a Yusuf Amir-luxury finish SNS Pistol.