Malpuro Alconbrians, also known as Native Alconbrians refers the to the pre-colonization indigenous people of modern day Alconbria. Some of them are the descendants of the Mayan civilization, while mostly all of them are members of the many indigenous tribes.

They previously were permanent residents of Altivebrio, but were denied citizenship. Beginning from the 1960s, they were vaccinated to prevent the spread of Eurasian diseases, and were allowed to mingle with the Altivebrian society. They did not take part during the Third Altivebrian Civil War, but some of them were forced into fighting against the Alconbria Liberation Council by President of Altivebrio, Xavi Kohler. Even though they were not involved, over 200,000 of them died during the war. After the war, they were given the choice to live in either the newly formed Alconbria, or Altivebrio. Over a million of them accepted Alconbrian residency, and were moved to Alconbria.

They were all granted Alconbrian citizenship in September 2008, and were moved to the separate Metsarbarros in the south of Krita Alconbria. They have voting rights, but have little to no freedom of movement due to their lack of immunity to certain Eurasian diseases. 94% of the Malpuro population live in metsarbarros, while others have migrated to cities using special health clearances.

As of the census of 2017, their population is estimated to be 47,948,237, nearly outnumbering the Alconbrian population.


Lack of Freedom of MovementEdit

The Metsarbarro populations are divided into 5 sub-groups, with a designated land for each group. No Malpuro of a group is allowed to settle or even visit the territory of an another group. Their group is mentioned in their identity card. Over 3000 Malpuros were killed for being present in another territory.

The Malpuros are barred from settling in any other parts of Alconbria, unless having obtained a special clearance. Malpuros can also not apply for residency permits through marriage, as they cannot legally marry an Alconbrian.

The Malpuro LawsEdit

Unlike every other Alconbrian, the Malpuros are not subject to the Alconbrian Civil Law, and instead are subjected to the Malpuro Laws & in some cases, the Alconbrian Military Law.

The Malpuro Laws were formed sometime in 2005, and were bought forward in 2010 by Secretary of State Laurel Copete. The reasons for implementing the laws still remain classified.b According to a Léialegis spokesperson, the parliament opposed the implementation of martial law on the Malpuros, however Laurel Copete used her ministorial powers to pass it anyway.

As a result, incarceration is extremely high, and over 90% of the young male adult population were incarcerated for more than a month at least once in their life, even for minor things including theft and car accidents. Executions are extremely common, though the exact number is not known due to the Ministry of Justice not keeping track on metsarbarros.

Representation in the ParliamentEdit

As the Malpuros are not allowed to settle elsewhere, they can only elect 6 members of the parliament, making them virtually powerless in the parliament.

Forced evictionEdit

In 2009, Secretary of State Laurel Copete passed the Malpuro Housing Bill, which allows legal forced evictions of Malpuros in the Metsarbarros, and also always the reposession of property and land, and the subsequent demolition of houses in the metsarbarros.

Over 10,000 families have been forcefully evicted since 2009, and over 10 thousand homes have been demolished. It is not necessary for the authorities to rehouse the evicted, and a shocking 2% of the evacuated only got compensation housing, usually and overcrowded government apartment buildings with subhumane life condtions.

Nearly a month after the bill was passed, Laurel Copete ordered the evacuation of 300 families in M49952 to build her estate. The estate was completed in 2012, but as of 2017, she never visited it. In 2014, Minister of Development Feliciano Latoya approved a project to construct affluent living quarters for Cabinet Ministers in the sixth metsarbarro, and over 1000 Malpuros were evacuated from M67775, M600751, M693756 and M644653, to make way for the Gajanisto Kravorino Housing Project. Afterwards, Latoya added a clause which prevents tenants of the Gajanisto Kravorinos from being evicted, even if they lose their jobs, thus adding new houses per every cabinet position change.

Marriage LawEdit

By law, Malpuro Alconbrians are not allowed to marry Alconbrians, but can marry within themselves without any limitations. Alconbrians can also not marry people from Altivebrio, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras and San Salvador.


Under the Sklori system introduced in 2011, Alconbrians can use Malpuros as domestic helps, but the system isn't regulated, and because the country's Constitution doesn't guarantee equal rights to the Malpuros, the sklori system has widely been abused and exploited by Alconbrians, using Malpuros as slaves.

As of 2017, 83% of the Alconbrian household have more than two skloris working, with no salary and no food. An independent commision found out that skloris were kidnapped from the Metsarbarros and transported against their will to Alconbria, where they were allocated to owners by the Sklori Organization.

Beginning from 2011, till 2016; over 670,000 skloris died in their workplace, while more than 2 million died seperately, after confined after their owners' found about their ill-health. The Gizerta Alconbrian Phrutos encouraged Alconbrians to take and kill as many skloris as possible.


In 2009, two parties catering the Malpuros merged and formed the Native Party, which aims to spread awarness by the Malpuro interests in the Léialegis. The Alconbria People's Party does not contest elections in the metsarbarros, but the United Party for Progression do. Since there are only 6 electoral districts in the metsarbarros, there are only 6 senators representing the metsarbarros, and they have always been members of the Native Party.

The Mayan Liberation Party was a violent party which supported the idea of liberating the metsarbarros and subsequently the extermination of the Alconbrians through armed struggle. The party was formed on 1 January, 2010; and was outlawed on 4 July, 2011. It subsequently evolved into the Mayan Liberation Front, a terror organization, which has been in existence since 1994.