The Los Santos Vagos are a large Mexican-American street gang operating in Los Santos, San Andreas. As of 2016, they are the largest street gang and hold the most territory in the city of Los Santos. They appear in Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online and GTA V SP DLC.



Nothing is known about the early history of the Vagos, but it is believed that the Vagos were formed in the late 60s in Cypress Flats. Initially one of the most powerful gangs of Los Santos, the Vagos began declining in the late 80s and early 90s when other gangs began to rise up. Nonetheless they managed to get back their lead before the 21st century.

Due to territorial expansion, the Vagos began to rage war against the second largest Latino gang, the Varrios Los Aztecas and engaged the two African-American gangs The Ballas and The Families. In 1990, they took control of the neightbourhood of Rancho and occupied the Rancho projects.

The Vagos have actively been involved in the drugs trade and played a significant part during the crack epidemic. The Vagos had a crack fortress in East Los Santos, which was razed to the ground by the LSPD. The Vagos are also involved in weapon and human smuggling.

Over their course, the Vagos have expanded into Blaine County and have influence in the northern cities of San Fierro and have diplomatic ties and partnership with the mafia, particularly the mafia of Los Santos. The Vagos also work together with the Madrazo Cartel.

By 2013, most of the leaders were arrested. But the Vagos had contacts in the prison and the leaders ran the gang through established networks and cellphones.

In 2013, the leader of the Vagos, Edgar Carlos and some high ranking gangsters were killed by a mercenary. A funeral of a fallen Vago was also ambushed by the above mentioned mercenary. The same merceneray also escalated the Balla-Vago war into a new level. These two gangs endured a brutal fight until peace was made in 2016.

High ranking Vago Franco Martinez began working with the Kkangpae. Using his influence, he started the Vago-Kkangpae war. The Koreans had the upper hand, but thanks to the efforts of Hector Martinez, the Vagos remained victorious. Hector also made peace with other gangs. These actions resulted in a civil war between two factions, gangsters who supported Carlos Vega; Franco's protege and gangsters who supported Hector. The civil war turned brutal, and other gangs found this as an opportunity to reclaim their territory. Hector managed to take care of the internal bleeding and then reformed the gang.

Franco then told Hector that they can flee with the money and leave the gang warfare for good. It's up to Hector to decide to keep the gang life or flee. If he flees, Franco gets arrested while evading. If the decides to stay, he must assassinate Franco and his Korean allies. Hector then takes up a high role in the Vago central.

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  • There is a real-life outlaw motorcycle club called the Vagos.
  • Vago is Spanish for 'slacker'.