"Imagine a city full of people ruthlessly pursuing wealth, fame and self-improvement, at any cost? Where everyone you met was either a celebrity, trying to be a celebrity, or used to be a celebrity? Where nature's bounty meant you could enjoy perfect weather all year round? Where the air was so good you could literally see and taste it? Dare to dream, because that city exists..."
―GTA V Manual
Los santos montage

Clockwise from top: Eclipse Towers, Oriental Theater, Downtown Los Santos skyline at night, Maze Bank Arena, Rancho Towers, Del Perro Pier

Los Santos (Spanish for 'The Saints'), often known by it's initials LS, is a large city in the state of San Andreas. It is based on Los Angeles. Situated in Southern San Andreas, Los Santos is well-known for being a sprawling metropolis with various cultures.


Los Santos skyline, as viewed from Vinewood Hills.


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