Los Guez is a mid-sized city located in the province of Litorelles in Krita Alconbria. Los Guez is surrounded by the Guzman Forest, and the river Pierres runs through the city centre.

The city's economy is built up on timber exports, ore smelting and rubber, coffee and banana plantations.


The city was first inhabited by French colonials in 1512, and was known as Morais. The city became the French seat of power in French Central America in 1518, and many French plantations began to rise up in Morais.

After a week long battle in 1520, the Spanish conquistadors took control of the city, renaming it to Los Guez. The constructed the tall Fort Charles in the Medivian mountain.

In 1827, three Spanish colonial guards were killed by Altivebrian separatist protesters. Subsequently, a curfew for the natives and non-Europeans was established. In 1828, after Altivebrio attained it's independence, a military barracks was built on the outskirts of the town.

Altivebrian General Michel Angelo Escariesa II was against the demolition of the French style homes of the country, and presently, Los Guez is the only town in Central America to have a distinct French architecture.

In 1834, deposits of silver was discovered inside the Guzman, and Los Guez was converted into a silver mine, and in 1840, became the second-largest in Altivebrio. The silver mines gave a strong boost to the population and widely improved the economy of the town. Silver mining was stopped in 1913.

The University of Los Guez was constructed in 1920, and two more blocks were added in 1928.

In 1984, the Alconbria Liberation Council and it's military wing invaded Los Guez and captured the city facing little to no Altivebrian resistance. Subsequently, the Los Guez Military Base became the command base of the Alconbrian separatist military during the Altivebrian Civil War.

Los Guez was frequently carpet bombed by the Altivebrian military from 1990 till 1997. Fort Charles was complete destroyed by the bombing in 1992. The fort was restored in 2009 by the Government of Alconbria.

After the Altivebrian Civil War, Los Guez became a part of the newly found Alconbria. The city was fully repaired in 2009, and became a major centre for ore smelting. A large military base was also built on the outskirts of town, and several classified military installations were erected.

Since 2010, Los Guez began to host the the annual hiking competition, Los Guez Mountaining Contest, which too led to a significant boost in tourism. The Los Guez Center of Shooting & Archery is the oldest archery club in Alconbria, established by the Spanish colonials in 1789, produced athletes who won gold medals in the international games for Alconbria.

The city's current mayor is Elizabeta Hidalgo, who is a member of the Alconbrian People's Party was elected on 2020.

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