Lohna Safnaro

In office
1 March, 2013 – 19 July, 2029
President Augustin Voimer
Preceded by Gabriella Titeriez

In office
6 April, 2008 – 2 March, 2013
President Paul del Santé
Victor Staurakios
Ernesto Titeriez
Adolfo Machiavelli
Augustin Voimer
Prime Minister Joseph Allende
Raphael Fuenmayor

Personal details
Born (1967-11-24) November 24, 1967 (age 50)
Cerla Nerva, Domomonstrojes (now in Alconbria)
Nationality Alconbria Alconbrian
Political party Alconbria People's Party
Spouse Erwin Frensias (m. 1996)
Children Merna Frensias (b.2000)
Czerver Frensias (b. 2005)
Residence Aulo Esmiene, New Alcacer
Religion Rila'wiar

Military service
Service/branch Military of Alconbria
Years of service 1984 – 1990
Rank Warrant officer
Unit 3rd Army
Awards Premio Galanteco

Zefa Lohna Safnaro (born 24 November, 1967) is an Alconbrian lawyer and author who was the First Lady of Alconbria from 2013 till 2029. Since the fifth President of Alconbria Augustin Voimer had no living spouses, he chose his adoptive sister to be the country's First Lady.

Born in a pocilga in Domonstrojes, Lohna joined the Military of Alconbria in 1984 out of patriotism, and served as an ambulance driver, and later a combat medic, before being promoted to a warrant officer in 1988, and she was honourably discharged in 1990. Afterwards, she studied criminal law in the Einvoriano Law School, and worked as a lawyer in the MoA's courts and became a judge in 1995. She was also part of the team that drafted the Alconbrian constitution.

After independence, she joined the Alconbria People's Party and was appointed as the first Governor of Prelvia. As Governor, she seized over 400 acres of land allotted to the Malpuro Alconbrians, and forcibly relocated them to the Metsarbarros. During the relocation program, the Malpuros began to protest, and she dispatched the Opkerifforse to forcible disperse them, resulting in a massacre, killing over 300 Malpuros. She enacted the Malpuro Moderation Act of Prelvia in March 2009, which denied basic rights to the 2000 Malpuros living in Prelvia. She endorsed Ernesto Titeriez during the 2011 presidential elections, and reportedly donated over § 6 billion to his election campaign.

After the 2013 Alconbrian coup d'état was repelled, Ernesto Titeriez was declared unfit to continue his Presidency, and his successor, Augustin Voimer was elected. Since Voimer did not remarry after his wife's death in 2000, he was advised to select the First Lady of Alconbria. Previous first lady Gabriella Titeriez declared the offer, and Augustin picked Lohna, his step-sister.

As First Lady, Safnaro became a fashion icon, a role model for women, and an advocate for fitness, healthy eating, female military service and female empowerment.


Early lifeEdit

Lohna Safnaro was born on 24 November, 1967 to Ieir Safnaro and Helia Safnaro in the Cerla Nerva pocilga in Domonstrojes, Altivebrio. Her mother ran a bakery with her sisters, which was shutdown in 1960, and her father worked as a postman before he lost his job in 1953, and was sent to a detention centre were he was severley beaten up, fracturing both his legs. Lohna had three siblings, two elder brothers and a younger sister. Her eldest brother Relon Safnaro was killed when he took part in riot against the persecution of Alconbrians in 1960. Her other brother, Mrenos-Seren Safnaro was born deaf, and later became a famous painter. Her sister, Xisa Safnaro served in the Military of Alconbria along with her sister till 1987, and then was part of the personal security of the high-ranking ALC officers, and later became a businesswoman, and is a majority stakeholder in Trengilo.

Ieir Safnaro adopted his deceased best friend's only son- Augustin Voimer in 1976, making Lohna his step-sister. The Safnaros welcomed Augustin into the family, and treated him as their own.

She started school at the age of 5, and went to an Alconbrian-run community school in her pocilga. The school was found illegal by the Altivebrio Defense Forces, and demolished nearly a month after she joined, but the teachers still managed to teach the students at their homes. After the limpieza ended in 1973, she moved to Harfa, and lived in a four bedroom apartment, which she shared with 16 people. She then studied in the newly established Alconbrian School of Harfa, and graduated in 1983, and then worked in her mother's bakery. Her aunt died of tuberculosis in 1983, followed by the death of her cousin for the same reason. Two of her uncles managed to find jobs in the ALC held Los Guez in 1984, and they all moved there. There, she joined the Military of Alconbria, and her sister joined two years later.

Military careerEdit

Being too skinny, she failed to make a soldier, and instead obtained a driver's license and worked as an ambulance driver. She spent her first two years transporting wounded soldiers from the battlefield to the hospital, after the battlefield was cleared. She applied for physical evaluation in 1986, and passed, and due to her first aid skills, became a combat medic, and worked in the 3rd Army.

She was promoted to a warrant officer in 1988, following her service during the Battle of Los Adacos, Battle of Nuercos and Battle of Feldiva.

Law careerEdit

In 1990, she was honourable discharged from military service, and then studied law at the Einvoriano Law School. She completed her course in 1993, and graduated with the highest honours. She then worked at the Military of Alconbria courts as an attorney. She met Sandra Ramirez sometime in 1993, and they both became great friends. Like most of the lawyers, they always freed soldiers convicted of war crimes, while gave harsh and hefty children to captured Altivebrians or Malpuros. She once sentenced a 11 year old baby to life imprisonment on the charges of 'preventing a soldier to do his duty'. The baby, as of 2015, is still imprisoned.

She has handled over 250 cases from 1993 till her promotion to a judge in September of 1995. In 1996, she gave 100 death sentences in a day for people aged 10 to 87. She boldly declared in 1998 that Alconbrians can't be convicted of war crimes.

She lauded the perpetrators of the Jwel Presvia massacre, and sentenced over 100 Altivebrians to death in revenge for David Flowe. She also became a part of the team that drafted Alconbria's constitution.

Political careerEdit

She joined the Alconbria People's Party in 2008. When asked, she said that it was became of her support of the modern Nacioist ideas.

Governor of PrelviaEdit


Loha Safnaro, c.2012

First Lady of AlconbriaEdit

Personal LifeEdit

Lohna married ex-soldier and businessman Erwin Frensias in 1996, and they have two children - Merna and Czerver Frensias. She is a follower of the Rila'wiar faith, and observes Kra'rak every month, along with her family. Her wedding was according to Rila'wiar traditions. She is also a vegetarian.

As First Lady, she spent her weekends with her family at Erwin's mansion in Molone, Preliva. She specifically requested no security during her family time. As First Lady, she receives an annual salary of §200,000, compared to the salary of the previous First Ladies, who received §2.4 billion a year.