Lita Troveniz, c.2011

Zia Lita Troveniz (née Groveles; born 10 December, 1960) is an Alconbrian retired General of the Military of Alconbria, and subsequently, the Alconbrian Army and the wife of gun designer Grvel Troveniz. After her retirement in 2010, she joined as an advisor in the President's Defense Council.

Lita was born on 10 December, 1960 to James Groveles, a businessman and Helena Groveles, a socialite. Her father was forced to sell his business to Altivebrians and their family family was forced to move to a ghetto in Domomonstrojes. Her mother was kidnapped by the Altivebrian soldiers in 1964, and worked as a concubine for the army till her suicide after a few months after her abduction. Her suicide note was never delivered to her family till late 1974. Her father died of acute myocardial infarction in 1980. She, along with her siblings enlisted for the Military of Alconbria in 1983. After completing training in 1984, Lita went into active service as a security guard in the captured territories.

She was described as a cruel and reckless killer, often hunting down and executing unarmed civilians in the captured cities. In her 25th birthday, she shot and killed 25 Altivebrian children, all aged under 10. According to an Alconbrian military officer, she had killed more than 500 Altivebrians and Mayans even before attaining 100 days of active service. She and her squad of tortured innocent civilians in make-shift torture chambers.

In 1986, she was promoted to a platoon leader, and led an offensive platoon. After continous successes, she was promoted to a captain in 1990. Beginning from 1996, she served as an executive officer, and as a professional expert in the military high command. She was promoted to a Lieutenant General in 2000. She stunned everyone by her victories in the Tartano Campaign and the Yulebz campaign, and captured several of the heavily fortified Porticos islands, and received support for the navy and airforce, preventing Altivebrio's assault through those islands. Her Kick-Back Plan successfully prevented a Guatemalan invasion through Domomonstrojes. She overwhelmed the Guatemalan soldiers and successfully led to the capture of Lake Izabal in the Izabal Campaign. She entirelely reversed the partisan attacks in Territory of Alconbria in just 2 days, which the Mayans the Partisans took at least 3 months to do so. She retired at the age of 50, after 26 years of active service.

Her military success gave her international fame, and she is considered a feminist icon all over the world. From 2010 till 2015, she traveled around the world to support the cause of women empowerment.

She married weapons designer Grvel Troveniz, and they both have one son, Lucio Troveniz.

She supports the Pure State Plan, which aimed to ethnically cleanse all non-Alconbrians from Alconbria. She personally congratulated Micaela Viegas and Angélica Pinheiro after they both attacked and slaughtered over 150 Mayans in Alconbria. She presented both of them with medals of honors in 2015.