Linda Dane Richards (born 1983) is an Alconbrian politician and environmental activist, and a member of the Environmental Party. She was appointed as the Minister of Environment by Joseph Allende in 2011.

Richards was born in London to wealthy English parents. Her father was an English businessman whose grandparents had fled Altivebrio sometime in the 19th century. She immigrated to Alconbria in 2000.


As Minister of Environment, she banned the Metsarbarros' largest industry, the logging industry citing that it severely harmed the environment, and also enacted the Environmental Land Acquisition Bill, which allowed the Ministry of Environment to seize lands for environmental use. In 2012, she criminalized the owning of cattle and livestock in the Metsarbarros, and had the Alconbrian Army move up over millions of animals into the state, and were handed over to local agricultural companies. Her most controversial act was in 2015, when she declared over a thousand Malpuro villages as a source of pollution, and asked for their demolition in the Léialegis. She was granted permission to do so, by a vote of 605-85. The Opkerifforse then proceeded to demolish 1029 villages in the Metsarbarros, making nearly 10 million Malpuros homeless.

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