Liara Cervell
Liara before her arrest
Born (1970-02-28) February 28, 1970 (age 47)
La Torre Bola, Domonstrojes, Altivebrio
ResidenceKayehertz, Alconbria
CitizenshipAlconbria Alconbrian
OccupationBusinesswoman, former camp guard
Criminal chargeUsing minors for criminal offences
Criminal penalty8 months imprisonment, sentence later withdrawed
Criminal statusFree
Spouse(s)Richard Hawking
AwardsFreedomte Medal

Liara Moentraj Cervell (born 1970) is a former Alconbrian soldier, who was convicted in 2008 of using minors for criminal offenses after it was discovered that she allowed four of her children, all aged below 13, to throw rocks, stones, furniture and maldorants at a Malpuro colony at the town of Vas Grivas, Prelvia sometime in February 2008.

Her actions were filmed by an Malpuro-Altivebrian, who sent the tapes to the Altivebrian media upon his return, triggering an international outcry. The Alconbria Liberation Council condemned her acts, and the military court sentenced her to 8 months in prison for using children in crimes. She was released just a month after her conviction, after Virilos Alconbria protested against the sentence.

As of 2015, she lives in Kayehertz.


Early lifeEdit

Liara was born to Rodrigo Cervell and Amelia Valtes in the pocilga of La Torre Bola in Domonstrojes, Altivebrio. Her elder sister, Sofia Cervell was killed by the Altivebrio Defense Forces in an alleged chemical weapons attack in 1972.

After the La Limpieza ended in 1973, her family moved to Puerto del Sol. Her mother worked in the Bank of Altivebrio branch, while her father owned an electrical shop. She went to the Escuela Primaria de Mujeres de Santa Elena, but moved to the Alconbrian School of Puerto del Sol when it was established in 1980. She became a school prefect at the age of 12, and was a part of the school's female football team. She still continued her schooling, even after the La Segundo Limpieza began in 1984, after Felipe de Curtis was elected as the President of Altivebrio.

She completed her schooling in 1986, and joined as a nurse in a military camp.

Military serviceEdit

In 1987, she enlisted for the Military of Alconbria, and soon passed training to become a soldier for the Arporleber. In March 1988, she was posted as a guard in the Roltherz Detention Center. After the Battle of Roltherz in September 1988, she was transferred to prisoner handling division of the RDC. Her lover, a prison supervisor Krev Dersart was killed during the Battle of Roltherz. It was reported that she deskinned minors aged 2 to 10, and threw them into cells while they were awaiting their deportation. This, combined with the unhygenic conditions and rapid blood loss resulted in the deaths of hundreds of minors in Roltherz. A Roltherz survivor said that he once saw her smacking an 8 year old boy with a shovel, till his body flattened. The body was paraded throughout Roltherz, before it was taken into a cell holding senior citiznens, and set on fire.

In 1991, she was promoted to a Wing Warden of Roltherz. A year later, she was transferred to active military duty following heavy losses during Xavi Kohler's presidency of Altivebrio. The day before her egress, she organized a mass torture festival of the Altivebrian inmates of Roltherz, and it is said that she got the honours to behead a baby.

She was sent to one of the units involved in the Second Gretter offensive, and she also took part in the New Alcacer offensive from 1997 till 2002, before retiring.

Diplomatic serviceEdit

She became a cultural attaché

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