Portrait of Lewis Bronsell, 2010.

Lewis Bronsell (born 10 May, 1932) is an American retired banker, financer, stockbroker and philanthropist who is well known for being one of the Chairman of the Union Depository, from 1984 till 1998.

Following his career at the Union Depository, Bronsell served as the COO of Schlongberg Sachs from 1999 till 2010.

Bronsell worked as a stockbroker since the age of 16.

Personal lifeEdit

Lewis is the first son of Keith Bronsell, Sr. and Elsa Hewitt-Bronsell, and the elder brother of Charlie Bronsell and Keith Bronsell, Jr..

As of 2016, he has donated over $20 million in charity, the highest for any male member of the Bronsell family.

Lewis married Stephanie Abbott in 1957, and gave birth to his only child, Daniel Bronsell in the same year.

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