The logo of the LDP, adopted in 2005.

The Legiones de Pureza (LDP) was an Altivebrian supremacist far-right political and militant organization founded in 1909 by Pablo Herrara and Miguel de Odeo.

The headquarters of Legiones de Pureza was located in Guerra Square, Nuevo Seville. It's last Chairman was Facundo Villafaña, who assumed the position following the assassination of the previous chairman, Manuel Cisneros by the Alconbria Liberation Council in the final stages of the Altivebrian Civil War.

As of 2013, the LDP had 2,500 members, a massive decrease when compared to 18,475 during the peak of the Altivebrian Civil War. The military wing of the LDP was dissolved in 2008, following the LDP.

After the Alconbrian invasion of Altivebrio, the LDP was declared a hateful terrorist organization and a manhunt began for it's members. In November 2, 2014, 200 LDP members were executed in Puerto Pedro, the same place where the LDP massacred 1,400 Alconbrians 30 years ago.

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