"When there's some shit to be won, Goddamnit, I want it. I don't give a fuck what it is. You know what I'm talkin' about? I take no prisoners. I go hard doing this shit. Big dog. Big nuts. When names is on a motherfucking board, I wanna see my name at the top of that motherfucker and next to it, it needs to say 'Winner'."
―Lamar Davis to Franklin Clinton.

Lamar Davis is a Families gangster, and the best friend of Franklin Clinton.


Early lifeEdit

Lamar is of Apache descent, and Lamar is very proud of his heritage and he often says "That's that Apache blood in me!".

It is unknown how or when Lamar met Franklin, but they have been knowing each other since their teenage years as Lamar and Franklin attended Davis High School together, along with Demarcus Bradley, Tonya Wiggins and Tanisha Jackson.

Gangster lifeEdit

Lamar and Franklin together got involved in crime. They both are presumed to have joined The Families sometime in the early 2000s. Lamar and Franklin did their first small bank robberies together, and they managed to steal $2000 but did not get to keep the money as a dye pack had exploded.

In 2008, Franklin got caught and sent to prison. After being released, Franklin decides to move out of the life of crime, much to Lamar's disagreement. Nonetheless, Franklin still involved with Lamar and the Families.

Lamar also purchased a Cheval Fugitive, which he somehow lost and then purchased a dark blue Albany Emperor.

In 2013, Lamar got in contact with a person through LifeInvader. Lamar went to pick up that person from the airport once they've arrived in Los Santos. After picking them up and giving them a pistol, Lamar takes them to Vinewood Hills for a race. After the race, Lamar informs that person about his friend Gerald, who wants to bust a drug deal under the Olympic Freeway. After that person does so, Lamar met up with him and Gerald in Gerald's apartment and formally introduced each other.

Lamar and Gerald then began giving jobs to that person. After that person got to learn the ropes and made a name for himself, Lamar provided him with muggers to mug any person he chooses.

After some time, Lamar introduces that person, who now became a high-profile mercenary to Benny and his shop, Benny's Original Motor Works. Lamar began giving jobs to that mercenary to make him the 'king of Los Santos'. The jobs include reigniting the conflict between the Los Santos Vagos and the Ballas, stealing and selling various lowriders. While attempting to sell some stolen lowriders to some South Korean businessmen, Gerald gets caught by the police and was sentenced to jailtime. Lamar sends the mercenary to rescue Gerald. Gerald loses faith with the gang lifestyle, and Lamar was forced to make amends. Lamar also had a grude over high ranking Families gangster, Vernon. Ultimately, Lamar receives a reality check and realizes that his dreams of rising to the top are little more than dreams and thanks the player for helping him realize that.

Events of GTA VEdit

Lamar soon meets up with Franklin and gets a job at Premium Deluxe Motorsport, a car dealership run by fraudulent Armenian businessman, Simeon Yetarian. One day, Lamar and Franklin are sent to reposes two cars bought by Umberto. On their way, they ask directions to Umberto's house, the Bertolt Beach House, from Michael De Santa. Lamar and Franklin pick a car and race throughout Los Santos, before evading the police and delivering it back to Simeon.

Soon, Simeon sends Lamar and Franklin to reposes a Western Bagger from a Vagos gangster, Esteban Jimenez. They are unable to find the bike in the Vagos-controlled area in Vespucci, and are confronted by angry Mexican gangsters, resulting in a massive shoot-out, forcing Lamar and Franklin to shoot their way out of their neighbourhood. As they exit, Esteban arrives in the Bagger and flees. Franklin and Lamar chase him, but unfortunately, Esteban gets killed. Franklin tells that the reposession is meaningless if the owners dead, so Lamar takes the bike for himself, but then decides that a bike isn't his taste and gives it to Franklin.

Lamar returns to work and finds that Simeon made Franklin the employee of the month, angering Lamar. Lamar becomes salty, and Simeon consoles him by telling that he'll win next month. Simeon then sends Franklin to reposes a Karin BeeJay XL from a rich kid in Rockford Hills. Unfortunately, the kid's father was suspicious of the shady dealing was hiding in the back of the truck and forced Franklin to smash the SUV through the windows of Simeon's dealership. Franklin does so, and the father then confronts and beats up Simeon. As a result of not returning the Bagger, and also for smashing the car through the windows and getting him beat up, Simeon fires Franklin and Lamar.

With no job, Lamar decides to kidnap a Ballas OG D in exchange for money. Lamar, Lamar's dog Chop and Franklin drive Lamar's van to Vinewood Hills and then chase D through Los Santos, before capturing him in the railyard in La Mesa. While taking him back to Lamar's house, Lamar makes a ransom phone call, prompting Franklin to through the phone out and free D, knowing that the Federal Investigation Bureau might be able to track them.

Lamar then meets up with his buddy Stretch, who was recently released from jail. Unlike Lamar, Franklin did not show respect to Stretch, was an OG and much older than him. Franklin and Stretch take Franklin to meet up with D, who was set to meet them in an abandoned factory in w:c:gta:La Puerta. However, Franklin discovers that it was a Balla ambush and Stretch kills D. The trio then escape out of the factory, killing many Ballas and evade the cops and go back to Franklin's house. Lamar and Stretch then walk back to their respective residencies.

When Franklin returns to his old house, Lamar and Denise heckle him for his neglect of the CGF as of late. Franklin doesn't want to be apart of the petty gang banging in anyway possible. Trevor Philips, Franklin's new friend, suddenly appears out of nowhere. After giving Denise a few bucks and shooing her back into the house. Franklin angrily asks why he's here, he says his reason for being there is to make new friends. At that moment, a drug deal sounded ravishing. The deal turns out to be a trap, as it was just a gram of nose-candy hidden inside a block of drywall. The throbbing score violently begins to increase as the shit hits the fan. In the heat of the battle, the LSPD show up to bring the urban uprising to a halting conclusion. Franklin and Trevor follow Lamar through a narrow alley that he found in an effort to help the men escape. As they ran towards the open water, they steal three jet skis. After stealing them, all three men head towards the open sea. After riding across the ocean and putting distance between them and the cops, Franklin figures that the cops would have a harder time catching them if they all split up. From there, depending on who the player is controlling, can either have all the characters go off on their own or pair up with another character to escape the cops.

Lamar is later told by Trevor Philips that Franklin is stealing high-end cars for multi-millionaire businessman Devin Weston and tracks him to the Hayes Autos garage on Little Bighorn Ave using his GPS. Devin notices the tension between the two and suggests that Lamar is the 'spirit' and Franklin the 'brains' of their two man operation. Franklin leaves with Devin and Lamar discussing the possibility of working together. Lamar later steals a Monroe for Devin and, with Devin's collection complete, works with Trevor and Franklin to transport them just north of Paleto Bay, which they successfully manage despite the police chasing them. The trio arrive at their destination and Franklin is told that their payment has been reinvested and will only be paid to them once the police interest has died down.

Stretch laters told Lamar to go do a drug deal in a Ballas controlled sawmill in Paleto Bay, alone. Lamar does so, and the Ballas kidnap him. Franklin gets to know this through his former girlfriend, Tanisha Jackson. Though reluctant to save him, Franklin takes the help of Michael and Trevor to save Lamar. After killing a lot of Ballas, rescuing Lamar and on their way back to Lamar's house, Franklin and Lamar argue about Stretch and the problems Franklin had to face to try and rescue Lamar. Reaching their destination, Franklin gives Lamar some money to get things straight. Lamar then overhears a conversation between Franklin and two FIB agents, Steve Haines and Dave Norton. Lamar asks Franklin about it, to which Franklin replies "Nobody."

Lamar sends a text message to Franklin saying that he was right about Stretch, and that he will need to lay low for a while. He also calls Franklin to ask if he knows anything about Trevor's death, though Franklin responds by claiming Trevor was killed by government agents.

Lamar sends a text message to Franklin saying that he was right about Stretch, and that he will need to lay low for a while. He also calls Franklin to ask if he knows anything about Michael's death, and Franklin claims he knows nothing about it.

If Franklin chooses the ending Deathwish, Lamar will help Franklin, Michael and Trevor out against the FIB and Merryweather. After killing the agents, the trio regroup but Lamar does not join them. Michael later offers to kill Stretch for Lamar and Franklin for setting up Lamar and trying have them both killed. Lamar is not seen again, but he later phones Franklin to let him know that he is alive. After the mission, the player can still hang out with Lamar as Franklin or Trevor. 

Mission AppearancesEdit

Grand Theft Auto VEdit

Grand Theft Auto OnlineEdit

GTA Online: Lowriders Update Edit

Services (GTA Online)Edit

Service Description In-Game Effect Cost Level Requirement
Mugger Choose a player to be targeted by a Mugger who will steal a portion of their cash The targeted player will be knocked unconscious by the Mugger and will have up to $10,000 stolen (dependent on rank of victim). Only money not in the bank can be stolen. If the targeted player is in a vehicle, the player will simply be pulled out and knocked unconscious. The Mugger can be killed when they are running away, which allows players to take the stolen money. $1000 50


  • Lamar is voiced by actor Slink Johnson. Slink also did Lamar's mo-cap.
  • Lamar Davis favorite radio stations are West Coast Classics and Radio Los Santos.
  • Lamar is one of the few characters that makes a reference to one of the protagonists Special Ability, during the car chase in the mission Chop, Lamar will say to Franklin use that "special driving thing that he does", he also claims that Franklin "looks funny" while he does so.
  • During cutscenes, Lamar is noticeably taller than Franklin, but upon transitioning to gameplay, he appears to be slightly smaller than Franklin; it is unknown why this happens.
    • Lamar's height is often mentioned by the other characters, Franklin even shouts "Where the tall dude at?!" during the firefight in Lamar Down.
  • In Online, if the player is male, Lamar will mention that the player is shorter than he thought. If the player is female, he will attempt to hit on her but will be rejected.
  • On West Coast Classics, DJ Pooh will occasionally do a shout-out to Lamar, making fun of his name and his gangbang mentality, and tells him to "get his act together".
  • During Mall Or Nothing, Lamar's "player" rank will be 99.
  • When hanging out with him, Lamar will not draw a weapon when the player does, however he will punch any un-armed opponents. Also he won't shoot any police officers when getting wanted level, he will simply flip them off and taunt them with insults (i.e "Eh, fuck you!", "Fuck you, you bitch-ass bitch!"). Oddly enough, if he is killed during a hangout session, he drops a pistol, so it's possible this is actually just a glitch that has yet to be fixed.
  • The only times Lamar appears outside of missions and friend activities is in Franklin's early SWITCH cutscenes before The Hotel Assassination mission.
  • In the GTA Online introduction, if the player selects the Fugitive as starting car, Lamar Davis mentions he used to own a Cheval Fugitive. He will start talking how it's a good drive-by car, but won't finish his sentence and simply claim it's a good car.