The Léialegis Complex is the home of the Léialegis, located in New Alcacer, Alconbria. The current building was completed in 2014, after the older one collapsed in 2009.

The building is located in the Sprix, the second government district in the outskirts of the city, and is patrolled by the Opkerifforse, military police, and occasionally, Alconbrian Armed Forces.

The meetings of the Léialegis takes place inside the large and lavish Durán Hall. The complex also has accommodation and recreational facilities for the members of parliament. The building has it's own bomb shelter and nuclear bunker, and is designed to resist most of the natural disasters. The entire complex can accompany more than 800,000 people. A section of the SR 78H highway goes right under it, providing visitors a view of the complex. There are 80 helipads, and an air strip is located nearby. The complex is off-limits to civilians, but civilians can enter through the eight gate and can observe meetings from a dedicated viewing balcony.

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