Current Leilalegis, 2014

The Léialegis (Alconbrian: Assembléia Legislativa) is the unicameral national legislature of the Federal State of Alconbria. The léialegis meets in the Léialegis Complex in New Alcacer. The representatives, known as Members of Parliament are elected every five years.

The current Speaker of the Léialegis (as of 2021) is Michael Eläin, and the leader of the opposition (as of 2017) is Angelo Pestano. The Prime Minister is the head of the parliament. The President of Alconbria is a member of the Léialegis, but has no voting power.

The Léialegis was formed in 2008, as the successor to the General Assembly of Alconbria, with 500 seats, with one representative per 7000 people. As of 2016, the Léialegis has 690 seats, equaling to 1 representative per 188,405 people. Sessions of the léialegis (unless exempted) can be viewed by the public, though the general audience has been relatively low. 13,000 citizens visited assembly meetings in 2013.

One third (230/690) of the Léialegis is reserved for representatives from various industrial and labour syndicates, elected by the National Council of Labour, and are members of the ruling party by law. 58% of the parliament's members as of 2016 are women, about a total of 393 members, 98% of them from APP, despite having no seats reserved for them. From 2008 till present, 17 members of the assembly have openly identified as gay and homosexual, the most notable being Helder Warfin, who was an MP from 2009 till his death in 2019.


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