Lombardo, c.1903

Don Lázaro Almonte Lombardo (19 October, 1771 – August 20, 1831), born Lázaro Félix Almonte Ramón Mariano Lombardo was an Altivebrian political leader and a revolutionary general who led the Altivebrian War of Indepedence against the Spanish Empire.

He heavily supported a republican democratic government, and was elected as the first President of Altivebrio after the Altivebrio attained it's independence from the Spanish Empire.

Lombardo died of rheumatic fever at the age of 59 in the King Charles Fortress. The King Charles Fortress was the last Spanish controlled fortress in Altivebrio, and was renamed to Castillo Lombardo after Lázaro's death.

There is a 60 ft silver statue of Lázaro Almonte Lombardo in Nuevo Seville.

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