Kirsten Parker (born 1985) is a British-American heiress, socialite, actress and model known worldwide for being the daughter of Daniel and Valentina Bronsell. She is a member of the Bronsell family.

Kirsten married Daniel Parker, professional actor and the heir to the The Parker & Smith Company.

Kirsten Parker's net worth, as of 2013 is $14.2 billion.


Sex tapeEdit

In 2002, a sex tape featuring 17 year old Kirsten Bronsell and 26 year old Vinewood actor Kurt Hardy was released. Kirsten, being a minor, told that she had no idea that her 'hook-up' with Hardy was being filmed, and pressed charges against Hardy for invasion of privacy and defamation.

The court declared Hardy guilty of intrusion, and was sentenced to a lenient 2 years jail service with a fine of $10 million to Kirsten Bronsell. The video also drove Kirsten into worldwide fame, and kick-started her acting and modelling career.


In 2010, Kirsten Bronsell was convicted of homicide after a Von Crastenburg hotel valet Peter Pafrey claimed that she had shot and killed two employees, and and attempted to burn Pafrey for unsatisfied room service in her private villa- hotel room in Vice City

Kirsten did not appear for the court hearing, and after a while the court officially closed the case due to lack of evidences and ordered Pafrey to pay $1 million for creating a fake case. Unable to pay the legal fees, Pafrey and his wife committed suicide the following day.




Kirsten Bronsell, shopping with her sister Fiona Cooper.

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