On 18 July, 1997, after the Battle of Jwel Presvia ended in a decisive Alconbrian victory, the Alconbrian troops entered the city of Jwel Presvia, which was at the time the largest city in the region and began killing the local population, killing at least 2,500 Altivebrians, and forcing at least 500,000 to flee the city.

The Military of Alconbria denied the massacre, citing that the only action taken by the Alconbrian military against the non-military native population was the killing of four armed civilians, who killed Dave Flowe, a 16 year old Alconbrian soldier.

Captain Alberto Frazlesias was the head of the first company of Alconbrian troops that entered the city. His company was composed of mainly Valvures de la Libereco and the Balib foot soldiers. According to Hrejav Ramirez, who was a soldier of Frazlesias' company, who later became a historian, the Altivebrians were hostile towards the marching Alconbrians, pelting the soldiers with stones or furniture, and sometimes even with bricks. Frazlesias ordered loudspeakers to be set up around town, which relayed messages in Alconbrian ordering the citizens to leave their possessions and flee, but the locals protested. At the same time, Paulo Martinez a 56 year Altivebrian old war veteran stabbed and killed Dave Flowe, while being accompanied by his three sons and the friend of his eldest son.

Frazlesias ordered the troops to open fire on the assailants, shooting and killing all five on the spot. Enraged, the locals started to riot, and attacked the military. Twelve Alconbrian soldiers were wounded, but they continued to press on despite not receiving an official order. The Alconbrians opened fire on the rioting Altivebrians, and then began knocking down into houses and brutally executing the inhabitants.

The air force was notified about a riot at this point, and Air Force Officer Enrique Davos sent planes to spray intoxicating agents in Jwel Presvia to suppress the apparent riot. When the population was blinded and incapacitated, six more comapanies of Alconbrian soldiers poured in and began their massacre; executing nearly 2500 Altivebrians; men, women and children; in cold blood. Houses were razed while still being occupied, and that alone contributed to 20% of the causalities. As the massacre was taking progress in the city gates, the Altivebrians began to flee south east, till they reached an abandoned Altivebrio Defense Forces barracks where they sought shelter. The barracks was captured by the Balib three days later, and the 500,000 Altivebrians were imprisoned, and in 2008, 149,351 of the survivors were sent to Altivebrio.


Altivebrio accused the Alconbrians of yet another massare, which the ALC declined. The city began a rebuilding process three months later, but work immediately stopped after it was decided that it would be used as a military training center. Jwel Presvia continued to be a military course till 2005, when it was converted into a Flowe Memorial Museum, a war museum.

18 July is celebrated as Child Soldiers' Day in Alconbria, marking the murder of 16 year old Dave Flowe. The Prime Minister of Alconbria addresses the nation from the museum's centre, which was the previous City Hall of Jwel Presvia, till it was destroyed by a bomb, killing 183 people inside it during the Battle of Jwel Presvia.

While Alconbria officially does not recognize the massacre, the country's population seem to recognize it. APP Chairwoman Claudia Delao said in 2014 that:-

"What happened in Presvia is a lesson to us. Never spare the rats when you are cleaning a filthy room. Dave Flowe was a brave kid, who sadly had to give his life for the establishment of this great country. Those 2,500 rats aren't even worth as much as a strand of Dave's hair. Tell this to your children - gas the rats out, blow their filthy asses, clean up and walk away like nothing happened. That's what a true patriot would do to those dirty pigs."

Frazlesias however denied any massacre, but said that he was proud of the events which happened over there.

Former First Lady Gabriella Titeriez praised Frazlesias, and the companies involved in the massacre. She awarded the First Lady's Medal of Excellence to the 1100 soldiers involved in the massacre in 2012, while Enrique Davos, Alberto Frazlesias and Dave Flowe received the First Lady's Medal of the Highest Honour. In an event attended by her husband, President Ernesto Titeriez, she said:

"The people who are standing here, right next to me, are heros. In fact, their heroic deeds is a million kilometre tower when compared to mine. They have removed more than half a million vermin from our nation. There was no massacre in Presvia, it was just a civilizing mission. When you can't civilise some savages, you boot them out. That's what happened there. There is no tragedy, or sadness. We should be proud. Proud that we get to live in a country which civilised those filthy bastards who once ruled over us. On this presitigious occassion, I, as First Lady of the Federal State of Alconbria, salute our unsung heros - the Heros of Presvia!"

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