Justyne Sydnee Bellière (born 1988) is a French-American celebrity, socialite, author, fashion designer who worked as an intern in Schlongberg Sachs from 2007 till 2011, and admitted to having intense sexual relations with CEO David Lugenberg. She was subsequently removed from her job, and found employement as the chief personal aide of Bank of Liberty President Scott Gauner, with whom she also had sexual relations from 2012 till 2013.. Both Lugenberg and Gauner were dismissed from their jobs, and were replaced with John Bronsell and Michael Bronsell respectively.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that Justyne was employed by Jeffrey Bronsell to intently have sexual relations with Lugenberg and Gauner to publicly humiliate them, and take over their respective companies. During her time in Sclongberg Sachs and Bank of Liberty, she received extremely high bonouses, and was constantly showered with gifts from both of them. Her net worth increased from $500,000 to $15 million from 2007 till 2011. She was engaged to Leonardo Beaumont, a distant Bronsell family member, and though lived as a couple from 2010, were married in a private ceremony in the presence of President Edith Lyndon in 2014.

Though married to Leonardo, she never became a Bronsell family member, and her name isn't there on the Bronsell Wall. She is denied access to any Bronsell owned buildings unless accompanied by her spouse. Her net worth is around $14 million.


Early lifeEdit

Justyne was born on August 30, 1988 in Paris, France to a Armand Denis, a French software engineer and Betty Palmer, an American television actress. Her family moved to San Fierro in 1994. Her mother introduced her to her childhood friend and mentor, Susan Bronsell in 1997. Her father became an executive of Badger in 1998, which is owned by the Bronsell Family Organization. Her father became a great friend to Michael Bronsell, the CEO of Badger.

She studied at the Queen's Park Elemenatary & Middle School and went to the Fuggler-Avempace Academy. Using her father's closeness with the Bronsells, she received a free scholarship to attend study finance and business administration at the Bronsell University, San Fierro, at the age of 16 in 2004. She completed her course in 2007.

Internship & ScandalEdit

Justyne received a paid internship in the executive offices of the Bronsell Family Organization in 2007, and soon began working under Jeffrey Bronsell. Following the death of Duncan Bronsell in 2007, David Lugenberg was elected the CEO of Schlongberg Sachs; while the Bronsell family wanted John Bronsell to take that position instead. Jeffrey knew that David had done some sort of politics to lure the board members, and regretted appointing Bernard Lieberman as the company President. Justyne attended David's swearing-in party, and Jeffrey observed David showing some sort of attention towards her.


One of the photos leaked from Lugenberg's computer. The photo was taken in a $50 million dollar mansion in Oracle by Lugenberg, c.2008

Afterwards, Jeffrey invited Justyne to a meeting room in the Stonefalls Tower, where he and three other Bronsell members schemed up a plan involving her to be on a relationship with Lugenberg. Stephanie Bronsell, according to Justyne, was also present. Though she declined to accept the plan, she was convinced to do so, she was promised of attaining wealth, fame, money and gifts from David and the Bronsells.

COO Lewis Bronsell sacked David's previous head PA and appointed Justyne to that position. David, initially furious, turned back after seeing Justyne. According to her, she spent her first day kissing and stroking in Lugenberg's office.

They had their first intercourse on the third day of Justyne's appointment, on the executive restroom. According to Lugenberg, they both had intercourse at least twice a day. Lugenberg purchased two mansions and a penthouse for Justyne in 2007, and reportedly headed there instead of his home after working. Rachel Lugenberg, David's wife, said that he only visited his home once a week, and that too, only to see the kids. He barred her from entering his office.

Justyne annual received a bonus of $500 K, which wasn't accounted in the company's financial reports. Lugenberg delibrately overstated the profts, and understated the expenses to clear way for him using company funds to please Justyne. By 2009, Justyne's salary was the same as Davids- $1.5 million a year, and had a total compensation of $8,476,734 in 2010.

In 2010, Rachel Lugenberg was killed while skiing in Switzerland. Shortly after the incident, David flew in Justyne to Verbier and she performed fellatio and had sex on top of Rachel's coffin. Both did not attend Rachel's funeral the next week, and according to Lugenberg, were roleplaying a doctor-patient scandal. Justyne moved to Fort Villa, Lugenberg's main residence soon after the funeral. David sent his kids to a boarding school, and lived only with Justyne in his private multi-million dollar vast mansion. David purchased jewellery worth $3 billion for Justyne, and over 30 cars and 3 helicopters. He purchased 3 yachts for Justyne. They both were having sex when Carl Lugenberg died of cancer in 2010. Justyne became a leading figure in the elite social scene, and became a celebrity.

In 2011, Chris Paginns, a 20 year old computer scientist from Vagley leaked over 100 photos showing both Justyne and David in compromising positions from 2008 till 2011; including one in which they were having sexual acts on a plane, and 1 in which they both were on a pool filled with euro and dollar notes, along with tiny diamonds and pearls. These leaks caused a significant storm in the international community, and made Justyne a celebrity. Stephanie Bronsell helped Justyne disappear with all the money and stuff, and used her control over the television networks to portray David badly. Paginns also released 10 compromising videos, including one showing David and Justyne strangling Lisa Lugenberg during sexual foreplay. Lisa was actually killed on 2009, and buried in the outskirts of one of Justyne'a mansions. Photos revealed that Justyne and David performed several sexual acts and had intercourses at Lisa's grave, with had a rudimentary tombstone which had 'Here lies a fucking bitch, killed during turkey time' engraved on it.

Subsequently, Lewis Bronsell had the accounting department release a statement showing records of the theft of over $70 billion by David Lugenberg just to please his sexual fantasy play-mate. Subsequently, David was arrested, and a grand jury declared him guilty of financial fraud, scamming, neglect, physical and emotional abuse of children, blasphemy, disgrace to the dead, substance abuse, voluntary homicide, murder, theft, sexual assault and rape; and was charged to 600 years imprisonment, followed by an execution. Justyne wasn't placed as a suspect, and walked away freely, now as a billionaire.

Second scandalEdit


Photo recovered from Alvin Gauner's mobile phone in Monaco, c.2013

Under hiding in London, she was introduced to Scott Gauner, the President of Bank of Liberty, and his son; Alvin Gauner, a board member of the aforementioned bank. Both Scott and his son fell in love with Justyne, and had frequent intercourses and orgies at Gauner's Brdwingham Castle till 2012, where she moved to a high end mansion in Monaco. Both the Gauners would visit her three times a week. They too, like Lugenberg began showering her with luxury items, gifts, sports cars and properties.

In 2013, she returned to Liberty City and spent an entire week with the Gauners, while the Gauner women were away. Then, she approached a court, missioning kidnap, attempted murder, sexual assault and rape. She claimed that she was kidnapped by the Gauner family while holidaying in London and was locked up in a castle, where she was frequently sexually assaulted, and then moved to Monaco. She said that Alvin Gauner released after growing tired of her. She was represented by a team led by Elise Kennedy-Bronsell, a Bronsell.

The court found Scott and Alvin Gauner guilty of the above mentioned crimes, and ordered them to be jailed. Michael Bronsell subsequently took over Bank of Liberty, while Justyne received $30 million in compensation.

After the scandalsEdit

The scandals gave her fame, making her a celebrity. She purchased a mansion in Los Santos, and took up acting and modelling. She married college friend Leonardo Beaumont in 2014, and her exorbitant private wedding was personally attended by President Edith Lyndon.

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