Julio Girasol

In office
3 September 1949 – 11 August 1952
Vice President(s)   Alberto Decarassia
Delphia de Odeo y Guardiola
Constituency Saviedo
Preceded by Esteban Cárdeno
Succeeded by Miguel Francesco Tavorrez

In office
9 December 1919 – 30 December 1924
President Bernardo Reyez
Antonio de la Vega

Personal details
Born (1892-08-03) August 3, 1892 (age 125)
Puerto Pedro, Altivebrio (present day Alconbria)
Died April 18, 1976(1976-04-18) (aged 83)
Walvis Bay, South West Africa (present day Namibia)
Nationality Altivebrian (1892 – 1970)
Stateless (1970 – 1974)
South African (1974 – 1976)
Constituency Saviedo
Political party Partido Proteccionista (1952 – 1963)
Revolutionary Party (1916 – 1940)
National Democratic Party (1943 –1952)
Spouse Patricia Girasol (1920 – div.1952)
Partner Amelia Garza
Religion Christianity

Military service
Allegiance Altivebrio Altivebrio
Service/branch Altivebrio Defense Forces
Years of service 1940 – 1947
Rank General
Battles/wars Second Altivebrian Civil War

Julio Gustavo Girasol (3 August, 1892 – 18 April, 1976) was an Altivebrian politician of the National Democratic Party who was the 16th President of Altivebrio from 1949 till his impeachment in 1952, following the GD Corp scandal.

Girasol was born in Puerto Pedro to Domingo Girasol, a military general in the Altivebrio Revolutionary Army. He joined the Revolutionary Party in 1916 and served as Altivebrio's minister of defense from 1919 till 1924, under Bernardo Reyez and Antonio de la Vega. He was against Miguel de Odeo's seizure of power, and was alleged to have involved in the 1924 Puerto Rosa riots.

He worked under the Alianza Democrática from 1939 till 1946, being a tactician of the Altivebrio Defense Forces during the Second Altivebrian Civil War.

Girasol then served as the party leader of the National Democratic Party from 1946 till 1949. He won the 1949 Altivebrian presidential elections by amassing 69.2% of the vote, and had Alberto Decarassia as his running mate, before Delphia de Odeo y Guardiola replaced Alberto in 1951. Delphia and Julio didn't get along, and as a result, the government was quite chaotic. The La Luz newspaper, owned by Jacob de Odeo, then published an article claiming that Girasol, as President personally awarded several business contracts to GD Corp, after the company's CEO Aubultar Fernandez payed kickbacks worth upto 50 million lempiras. Vice President Delphia de Odeo then called for Girasol's impeachement in the parliament, which was passed; and Girasol was impeached in 1952.

Following his impeachment, he was kicked out of the National Democratic Party, and founded a new political party in 1953, called the Partido Proteccionista, which won 1.8% of the votes in the 1954 Altivebrian presidential elections. The party was closed in 1953, and Girasol declared bankruptcy in 1956. He joined the Organizo de Liveri Egaleco in 1957, determined to bring down Vice President Delphia. He encouraged Altivebrians to fight for the rights of the Alconbrians, and was made a honorary Alconbrian in 1961. Girasol fled to Namibia, after being declared a most wanted criminal in 1963.