Jordi Del Valle (born 15 January, 1970) is an Alconbrian businesswoman, doctor, pharmacist, engineer, business executive and politician who is the nations first Minister of Drugs & Medication, serving from 2008 till 2011, and later began her second term in 2012.

Jordi was born in New York City, United States of America, and moved to the Territory of Alconbria in 1995, and worked as a combat medic briefly for the Balib, and later served abroad several warships as the chief doctor. She joined the Maldekstro Party in 2008, but moved to the Alconbria People's Party in 2009.

Jordi is the CEO of Pocer Inc., the government owned pharmaceutical company, and as Minister of Drugs & Medication, also oversees decisions of the Ravim Pharma, the other pharmaceutical company. All drugs in Alconbria are manufacturered by either Pocer or Ravim, resulting in a nation-wide monopoly; and both Pocer and Ravim are international leading drug manufacturers. As Minister, she approved on human testing, legalizing experiments on Malpuro Alconbrians, and also allowed synthesizing of criminal drugs to be sold all around of the world, especially Western Europe and North America. She brought forward an act which allowed companies to dispose their toxic waste in the Metsarbarros. Both Pocer and Ravim spray toxic gasses over the Metsarbarros on a regular basis.


She is married to Flejar Del Valle, and they both have two children. She is a billionaire, with a Black Contract from ETRA, and lives in Los Bruinez with her family. In 2012, she bought over 400 sq kilometres of land in the Metsarbarros, evacuating atleast 500,000 people to build farmhouses for her children.