Captain John Vernon Kay (born 9 May, 1952) is an Alconbrian politician and former US attorney who is the country's third Minister of Minorities' Affairs, assuming office in 2012.

John Kay was born in Boston, United States of America to Tom and Betsy Kay; both of whom were US senators. Betsy's maternal side were Alconbrian-Americans, making Kay eligible to immigrate to Alconbria; which he did in 1989. John Kay served as in the strategic command centre of the Military of Alconbria, and after independence, joined the Alconbria People's Party.

John married Gabriella Kay, and they both have three children- Matthew Kay, Sal Kay and Eliza Kay. John Kay has been criticized by the Native Party for not doing anything for the minorities, despite being the minister of the minorities' affairs. Four months after taking oath into his office, he said, "Malpuros aren't the minorities, in fact, they aren't even Alconbrians. They should kept their little mouths shut and be happy that they aren't loaded into trains and taken to labour camps. And about my job, ask the Valis Asocio. They'll spurt up a list of all the things I've done which are beneficial to the country's only minority group - the Valisos."

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