Joanne Coulthard, c.2010

Joanne Coulthard (nee Jamesson) (born December 29, 1944) is an American radio personality and women's rights activist.

She is well known for being the ex-wife of billionaire and Bronsell family member, Keith Bronsell, Jr., as well as being the biological mother of Edith Lyndon and Ronald Bronsell.

Joanne was married to Peter Coulthard, a movie producer and is the mother of Sylvester Coulthard, a professional boxer and Lisa Coulthard, a programmer employed by Facade.

Even though she's not a member of the Bronsell family anymore and stopped getting her alimoney after her former partner's death; she's still in good terms with her biological children, Ronald Bronsell and Edith Lyndon.

She was featured in the TV show, Sluts and Gold Diggers of America, as well as Bimbo and Rambo.

Peter died in 2000, and Joanne currently lives in San Fierro with her daughter.

She lost her millionaire status after divorcing Keith Bronsell, Jr. in 1981. Currently, her networth is around 730,500 dollars.

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