Jessie Hernandez, c.2014

Jessie Hernandez (born 5 September, 1968) is an Alconbrian-American comedienne, actress, former model and television personality.

Her career began in 1991, when she began playing as 'Claire Throwe' in the American sit come A Stone's Throw (1989 – 2000), and also as Monica Ray in Bright Nights from 1992 till 1998. She began hosting Dirty Talk, a late night talk show in 2000 for two years. She and her husband immigrated to Territory of Alconbria in 2002.


In 2004, she hosted the Alconbrian version of Dirty Talk, titled Jext Jessie. In 2009, she received public acclaim for hosting a special episode of Night Talks, which talked about the backwardness of the Malpuro Alconbrians and the Latino culture, and called for the genocide of Malpuros and Alconbrian domination over South America. She also compared Negroids to animal ordure. In 2010, she congratulated Jenny Hillbridge and Mika Relova over the 2010 Arelikaxcas'Tenm massacre. In 2014, she purchased a large private island off the coast of Santa Catarina, and purchased a 200 acre plantation in West Amazon, where it is reported that over 500 people work as slaves.

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