Cefa Jerina d'Aqua (born 7 August, 1966) is an Alconbrian politician who is the nation's fist Minster of Water; with her first term beginning from 3 April, 2008 till February 2011, and her second term began in December 2011.

She privatized the country's water supply, which is now controlled by two companies. She spearheaded the Alternative Water Source & Supply Mission in 1997, in which the Territory of Alconbria illegally pumped freshwater from various sources from it's neighbouring countries, creating an acute water shortage in Altivebrio; which was one of the factors of the Altivebrian defeat in the Third Altivebrian Civil War. She enacted the Alconbrian Water Decree in 2008, which guaranteed every Alconbrian citizen free water upto 6000 m3 a year, and water wants exceeding that will be taxed at around $0.10 per m3.


Jerina, centre at the French African Water Convention c.2014

She replaced Alconbria's ageing old water grid with the new Supera Grid in 2009. The Supera Grid specifically avoids the Metsarbarros, resulting in comparatively less water use the Metsarbarros. Water use in the metsarbarros is around 35 litres per person per day, one of the lowest in the world. In an interview, she stated that she ensured the Malpuros receive the bare minimum water. After the Malpuro Housing Bill was passed; Malpuros lost their eligibilty to gain free water from the water companies, and have to pay for their water, with prices reaching upto $700 per litre during the War in Central America.


She began Alconbria's major river linking project in 2015, and 3 rivers have been linked as of 2017. She launched the Kloakigo Canal in 2012, which is an underground canal which was joined to the Malpuro river; in which industrial and untreated waste was dumped on. This project triggered an international outcry. By 2010, all rivers flowing into the metsarbarros except the Malpuro were dammed off. In 2012, she said she will make sure that the Metsarbarros receive only 1% of Alconbria's entire water budget. She urged all factories to dump their wastes at the Klakigo, telling that it helps in killing Malpuro worms.

She took part in bringing the Alconbrian Water Festival to life. The water festival spans across the summer and drought seasons, where Alconbrians enjoy the water will Malpuros are dying without it. Over 3 million cubic metres of water was used up in the 2013 festival.

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