Jenny, c.2016

Jenny Stacey Hillbridge (born 6 August, 1987) is an Alconbrian nurse, who along with Mika Relova perpetrated the 2010 Arelikaxcas'Tenm massacre in Kal'kaff, killing 68 and wounding over 245.

Originally from Southampton, United Kingdom; Jenny moved to Alconbria in 2000, after providing sufficient evidence of her ancestry to the immigration officials. She was arrested in 2003, after she smashed a whiskey bottle over the head of a malpuro, wounding him. She then moved to Sedelarte in 2009, and worked as a nurse in a hospital along with Mika Relova, a gastroenterologist.

On 19 March, 2010; Relova and Hillbridge carried out the massacre. Jenny was hit in her leg by a table knife thrown by a Malpuro man. Jenny and Mika made it to the roof of a building, where there were picked up by a Alconbrian Army helicopter, and escorted to the military base near Old Flores, where she was treated.

After the massacre, Hillbridge and Relova became heros, receiving praise from nearly all of the Alconbrian citizens. The Native Party condemned their acts, and called for their imprisonment. Two weeks after the massacre, they filed a case in the Supreme Court of Alconbria, resulting in a lengthy legal battle that lasted for two years. In 2012, she was declared not guilty, and all charges against her were dropped. A statue of Relova and Hillbridge was erected in Servancia, and another identical one was erected in Harfa. However, in seperate charges filed by Rem Frelt, Jenny and Mika were convicted of theft of military equipment, and were ordered to pay a fine, and do a 5 months service work for the Alconbrian Armed Forces.

She and Relova got transferred to a military hospital in May 2010, after people visited her hospital only to meet her. She currently lives in Flores with Thomas Hart, her husband and two children.

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