Jem Roberto Fleois PPM (born Roberto Flessio; 26 October, 1964) commonly known as Captain Jem is an Alconbrian military captain, who had over 300 confirmed kills during the Altivebrian Civil War. As a captain, he led a seven-man sniper squad of the Military of Alconbria. For his actions in the war, he was awarded a Iron Shield, and a PPM title.

He was born on 26 October, 1964 in a ghetto in Northern Territory, to a father, a church pastor and a mother, a cleric. After his school was burned down in 1970, he and a group of his friends fled their ghettos and escaped to the training grounds of the Caburez Brigade.

In 1971, he received news that his parents were executed by the Altivebrio Defense Forces.

In 1981, 17 year old Roberto became an uniformed soldier of the Caburez Brigade. He changed his name to Jem Fleois in 1983, and joined the Military of Alconbria in 1984. His first kill was during the Battle of Sidano in 1984.

He recorded over 100 successfull kills during the decisive Battle of Pleforio in 1990, and another 100 kills during the Battle of Nonoviva. During the Siege of Carfo in 1992, his sniper squad infiltrated the ADF establishment in Carfo, and killed over 30 soldiers and 10 officers before being discovered. His squad began to flee, but were gunned down by the mounted machine gun troops, and Fleois was held prisoner, along with 1 other survivor. The other survivor, Samuel Jessio was tortured and killed during interrogation. Jem, determined to spread the news, single-handedly escaped the Carfa camp, allegdly using the same route as he sneaked in, and ran till a main road with a completely paralysed foot and rapid blood loss due to machine gun fire, where he was picked up by a passing Alconbrian truck driver and dropped off at a MOA camp. He was immediately treated, and survived, but had his right leg and left arm amputated, and was handicapped for life. He was honourable discharged in 1992. Using his experiences as a sniper, he joined Alconbria Military Industries as a design adviser.

He lived in Los Guez till 1999, when he moved to Carfo, now under Alconbrian control, and visits the memorial always every day. He lives in Carfo with his wife, and daughter, Vanessa Fleois who is an entrepreneur. In 2002, he refused a disabled friendly car and a driver given to him by Paul del Santé. He also refused charity money from the Alconbria People's Party. He endorses the United Party for Progression. In 2016, he was hospitalized after suffering a stroke.

He is heavily idolized in Alconbria, being portrayed as a brave soldier and as an ideal role model. An Alconbrian film was made about him in 2010, which he described as "inaccurate, but entertaining".

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