Alconbrian Army
Flag of the Alconbrian Army
Founded 2008
Country Federal State of Alconbria
Allegiance Ministry of Defense
Branch Alconbrian Armed Forces
Type Army
Size ~2 million (active)
~3 million (reserve)
3000+ aircraft
Part of Alconbrian Armed Forces
Nickname Red & Green Wolves
Motto Meie riigis, Me võidame
(For Our Country, We Win)
Colors Red & Green         
March Por Nia Lando eta Bere Jendea
(For Our Country and Her People)
Anniversaries January 28 (Victory Day)
July 29 (Army Day)
Engagements War in Central America

2014 invasion of Alconbria
World War III

Commander-in-Chief President Augustin Voimer
Minister of Defense Alejandro Espinas
Chief of General Staff Cornelio Garrido
Paul del Santé
Augustin Voimer
Aircraft flown
Tanker KC-130 Hercules

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