War in Central America


Blockade of Alconbria
Alconbrian Crisis


Blockade of Alconbria

Invasion of Panama
Alconbrian soldiers boarding military transport plane in El Coral

Operation Pugno


9 - 10 May, 2014
(1 day)




Alconbrian victory

  • Surrender of the government of Panama.
  • Alconbrian Military gains control of Panama.
  • UN-Blockade intensified.

Alconbria Alconbria
Mexico Mexico

Panama Panama


Augustin Altiver
Nicolás Ordaz

Guillermo Sáenz y Illueca


45,000 soldiers
2 aircraft carriers
4 Bomber Fleets
100 jet fighters
19 submarines

10,000 National Police officers
19 boats


1 wounded.

Army surrendered.

The Alconbrian Invasion of Panama, also known as the West Campaign was the invasion of Panama by the Central American Defense Coalition, primarily by Alconbria and Mexico.

The invasion was started on 05:00 AM of 9 May, 2014. The Alconbrian Army entered Bocas del Toro sharply on 5:15 AM, and reached La Gloria, when the Panamanian government announced it's surrender. The Mexican forces were informed of the surrender after they were in the outskirts of of Puerto Armuelles.

President of Panama, Guillermo Sáenz signed the instrument of surrender when Ignacio Guillotiner reached Panama City.


The Panamanian National Guard were taken as prisoner and moved to a prisoner of war camp in Juigalpa. The entire navy and army fleet of Panama were seized. Since Panama doesn't have an official military, the seized trainer and utility aircraft were transferred to the control of the Civila Aviado Aŭtoritato. The ships were intergrated into the Alconbrian Navy.

The government officers of Panama were taken back to Alconbria. Later, selected persons received Alconbrian citizenships and were transferred to work in the civilian governments of various Alconbria-occupied territories.

The rest, along with civilians were imprisoned in labour camps, subjected to hard labour. Others were employed in factories, and other wartime services. 500 men and women were also enrolled into the military.


The USA compelled Panama not to surrender, since Panama's surrender would transfer the control of the Panama Canal to Alconbria. The USA wanted the Panamanian guards to fight off the Alconbrian till the US Army supports landed on Panama.

After Panama's surrender was revealed, the US intensified it's blockade, and France, Spain and United Kingdom announced that they would impose their blockades on Alconbria.

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