2013 Alconbrian coup d'état


Alconbrian Crisis


War in Central America

Invasion of Belize
Soldiers of Belize defending their country, 6 February, 2014.

Alconbrian Crisis


4 – 8 January, 2014




Belizean territory seized by Alconbria

  • Guatemala surrenders Petén to Alconbria, in exchange for peace.
  • Alconbria exits the United Nations

Alconbria Alconbria

Belize Belize
Guatemala Guatemala (till 5 February, 2014)


Augustin Altiver

Dean Walker
Trevor Young
Joel Davidson

Luigi Botin


6000 soldiers
5 warships
1 aircraft carrier

450 soldiers
4 aircraft
2 helicopters

15,000 soldiers
2 attack aircraft


2 soldiers killed
1 UAV shot down

Entire army killed
38,000 civilian casualities

387 soldiers killed
2 aircraft shot down

The Invasion of Belize, also known as the Invado Kampanjo de Belizo was an invasion of Belize by Alconbria. The invasion began as a surprise attack on 4th February 2014, and ended 4 days later on 8th February after Alconbria annexed the entirety of Belize.

The invasion began on exactly 00:03 AM, when the Alconbrian Navy overran the Ambergis Cay. The city of Corozal was bombed by the Air Force, while the land forces invaded Belize through Belize City and Gales Point.

The highly trained Alconbrian army easily pushed through Belize without suffering from casualties, and an unprepared Belize had to rely from Mexican or English support. However, Belize did not receive support either from Mexico or from the United Kingdom.

The Alconbrian army captured entire Belize on 8th February, 2014, concluding after the surrender of the Belizean government. Belize then was ruled by a military administration, seeing violent purges, mass executions of civilians and martial law. The Alconbrian government took control of Belize on 14 February, 2014, creating the Territory of Belize.

The invasion led to the start of the War in Central America.


Belize was highly critical of Alconbria. Governor-General of Belize, Dean Walker called Alconbria a terrorist state, and called the government unstable, after the 6 year old nation had already witnessed two coups.

On 10 December, 2013, Alconbrian Prime Minister Joseph Allende was denied entry into Belize to establish diplomatic relations.

Altiver declared Belize a sympathizer of the Free Alconbria Group. Soon after his speech, anti-Belizean sentiments in Alconbria reached an all-time high. Several Belizean people were imprisoned and moved to detention centres.

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