Independence Hall, c.2016

The Independence Hall (originally known as Oficina de gestión de las Colonias) is a large government complex located in Old Town, Gvonn. The building is famous for the place where the Alconbria's Declaration of Independence and the Gvonn Pact was signed in 2008.

The building was originally constructed in 1653 by the Spanish colonials as the principal administrative center, before being converted into a Governor's Mansion in 1669. The Mansion was partly damaged during the British Siege of Gvonn in 1706. The Governor then moved to Monterrey in 1710, transforming the building back into an administrative complex.

The building was renamed into Independence Hall after the Gvonn Pact was signed here. Couple of nearby projects were demolished to create a war memorial. The northern block of the building, known as the President's Mansion was occupied by Paul del Santé and his family till his death in 2011. Subsequently, the First Family's official house was moved to New Alcacer.

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