Horacio Maldonado

Maldonado addressing the press on November 4, 2016.

Personal details
Born (1948-09-29)September 29, 1948
Lambaré, Paraguay
Died February 4, 2020(2020-02-04) (aged 71)
Camp Quarter, East Amazon
Spouse Tata Pape(1967–1990)
Jane Westman (2008–2020)
Sophie Camacho (2015–2020)
Children 10

Military service
Allegiance Unitedresistance United Resistance (2015–2020)
Years of service 1991 – 2020
Rank Commander-in-Chief
Battles/wars November War

Horacio Antonio Caracas Maldonado (29 September, 1948 – 4 February, 2020) was a Paraguayan political leader who led the Western-allied United Resistance in Alconbrian occupied South America from 2016 till his death in 2020.

Born in Lambaré, Paraguay in 1948, his early life remains particularly unknown. It is known that he had a senior post in the military junta which ruled the country from 1956 till 1990. After the 1990 revolution, he killed his wife and fled to Brazil, where he took part in a radical right-wing insurgency against the democratic government from 1991 till his organization was military defeated in 1997. He was subsequently imprisoned, but was pardoned in 2004.

He returned to Paraguay after living in France for three years, but was wanted after his war crimes were discovered. He subsequently fled to the United States of America, and worked as a translator for a private company. He worked with the CIA from 2009 till 2013, monitoring Diego Mendoza's left-wing government. He returned to the United States after Mendoza's death in mid 2013, and worked in the Southern American foreign relations department after gaining permanent residency in 2012. In 2014, he went back to Brazil under the name of Enrique Morales, and operated a real estate company. After Operation Pugno, he still continued to reside in the newly formed state of Free Brazil, dictating daily happenings to the CIA. After Alconbria violated the Treaty of New Alcacer, the CIA tasked him to set up a resistance organization in Free Brazil, which eventually became the United Resistance.