Harold Devon Molinero (born 24 May, 1957) is an Alconbriann historian, real estate developer, stock trader, businessman and politician who is the current Minister of Resources assuming office in 2012 , and the country's first Minister of Power, being in office from 2008 till 2011.

Harold Molinero was born in the United States of America, but moved to the Territory of Alconbria in 1985. In 1996, he became one of the founding members of the Starigo Verklagsregluro. He joined the Alconbria People's Party after independence, and assumed his ministorial role.

He played an important role in the self-sustainability policy of the country, as well as efficient and sustainable use of resources and electricity. He was presented with numerous honours during his ministorial career. He lives in New Alcacer with his wife, Belle Molinero and five children. He was the Alconbrian of the Year in 2000.

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