Gwen Floewe-Grevi, c.2002

"It is impossible to forward a political cause without violence."
―Gwen Floewe-Grevi, defending the Olvez massacre in 1936.

Rouva Gwen Floewe-Grevi (1904 – 23 December, 2010) was an American-Alconbrian politician, philantropist, nationalist and a senior member of the Fascist Party of Altivebrio, and she also served as a senior member in the Interior Ministry of Bartolomé Tirano.

Gwen's birth records were destroyed during the Second Altivebrian Civil War, thus there is little evidence of her early history. She is confirmed to have been born in Gvonn in 1904, and her father worked in the mayor's council, while her mother was a ran a flour mill. She joined the Fascist Party in 1923, at the age of 19, and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming the a member of the the Supreme Council at the age of 29 in 1933. She ordered the massacre of women and children in the town of Olvez in 1936 to bring support to the Fascist cause, and after the successful coup in 1939, served as a high ranking member in the Fascist Government's Interior Ministry, and took charge in suppressing riots and dissidents, as well as forced control over the population.

After the Second Altivebrian Civil War was close to it's end, she feared death by the Altivebrians, and applied for political asylum to the United States of America, which she successfully received. Though planned to move with her son Elvero Grevi, the Altivebrians deporter her before and as a result moved to the USA alone. In USA, she was placed under administrative detention for 7 months, before being relocated to San Francisco. There, she managed her new husband's ammunition company, which layed the foundation for a career as a businesswoman. Under the name Elizabeth Crawford, she built a fortune with her husband's business empire. She was reunited with her children in 1951.

After Michael Crawford's death in 1975 (b.1884), she inherited almost all of his fortune, making her a billionaire. She immigrated to the Territory of Alconbria in 1999, and worked in the Immigration council. She joined the Alconbria People's Party in 2008, at the age of 104, making her the oldest politician in the party. She passed away on 23 December, 2010 at the age of 106, in her mansion in Llez Gloriez Hills.

Her first marriage was with Mfelso Grevi in 1926, and gave birth to Rfelo and Elvero in 1929 and 1931 respectively. Mfelso Grevi was killed by the Altivebrio Defense Forces shortly after the civil war ended. She married American businessman Michael Crawford in 1950, and then gave birth to three children - Samantha Baxter - an Alconbrian-American inspirational speaker, Gregory Crawford - an American economost and Karen Schweitzer an Alconbrian-American businesswoman and founder of Meditionary.

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