Gvonn Pact

The Gvonn Pact was a treaty between the government of the Union of Altivebrio and the representatives of the Federal State of Alconbria that concluded the Altivebrian Civil War. It provided for the establishment of the independent republic of Alconbria, and dictated the economical, political and military assistance which Altivebrio had to provide to the new republic.

The first charter was signed by Altivebrian Vice President Cesar Valvonez and Alconbria Liberation Council Chairman Paul del Santé, and was witnessed by President of Mexico, Lucas Royez y Gomez in Gvonn on 4 November, 2007.

The second and final charter was signed by the representatives of the Altivebrian government, which included President Servando Garcia Goyena and Vice President Valvonez and the representatives of the ALC, which included it's Chairman (and future President of Alconbria) Paul del Santé and the Chieftain of the Joint Protesting Movement, Juan Santos de Vincido and one of ALC's military commanders, Adolfo Machiavelli in the Independence Hall, Gvonn, Alconbria.


After a series of heavy military defeats, the overall situation in war town Altivebrio was gloomy. As of August 2007, 70% of Altivebrio's territory was controlled by the ALC. Guatemala's re-entry into the war did no help to the Altivebrian forces, and Guatemalan President James Gonzalez pressurized Servando Goyena to accept the soverignity of Alconbria.

In 2006, Alconbria achieved 94% recognition in the United Nations. After the economy of Altibebrio collapsed and various military defeats, President Servando García Goyena brought forward the Witholding Act, 2007 in the Altivebrian Parliament, which was passed with a vote standing of 200-0.

According to Altivebrio's Representative to the UN Daisy Martinez y Ayara, Altivebrio was threatened with a joint invasion if it doesn't recognize Alconbria's indepedence. Many countries stopped providing military and logistical aid to Altivebrio beginning from January 2007.

After the Witholding Act was passed, negotiations for the treaty began. Many of ALC's members travelled to Neuvo Seville to parley the terms for the treaty in Altivebrio's Parliament Complex.

Two charters were finalized, and they were signed on 4 November 2007 and 3 April, 2008, finalizing the independence of Alconbria.


Some of the important clauses of the Gvonn Pact (both charters)

  • The Altivebrio Defense Forces should function as Alconbria's military till the newlyfound republic is capable of establishing it's own reputed army. If asked, the military of Altivebrio should also provide training and assistance to Alconbria.
  • Neither country should attack each other, or even try to undermine the sovereignty.
  • All Alconbrians held under captive in Altivebrio and elsewhere should be released immediately.
  • Alconbria should not be subjected to any forms of blockade by Altivebrio.
  • All of Altivebrio's military establishments' control should be transferred to Alconbria.
  • Altivebrio is subjected to accept Alconbria's international debt, while Alconbria would not accept responsibility to Altivebrio's debt.
  • The fate of the citizens is subjected to the Citizenship Allotment Council, which is to have equal representation from both the countries.
  • Altivebrio is subjected to pay any sort of assistance to Alconbria.
  • Altivebrio is subjected to defend Alconbria from any sort of foreign aggression for the next three years.
  • Both countries should not put up any economic barriers, and ensure that free trade is practised between these nations.
  • Neither country's political parties can operate in the other country.
  • Alconbria has the right to trial, imprison, punish, extradicate and execute any Altivebrian citizen it had imprisoned, without having to provide information to their original country. In addition to that, Alconbria has the power to force arrest of potential Altivebrian war crimianls and imprison/execute them without a trial. In case an Altivebrian is identified as a criminal, the Altivebrian law enforcement agency or the military should apprehend the person without asking questions.
  • Alconbria should receive 40% of Altivebrio's income for the next six years regardless whether the country is making a profit or a loss.
  • Any mentioning of anything relating to the war or the ALC, or any Alconbrians in Altivebrio needs prior authroization from the Alconbrian government's respective department. It is illegal to fly the Alconbrian flag in Altivebrio without permission from the Alconbrian Embassy or Consulate.
  • Altivebrians imprisoned in Alconbrian labour camps will not be freed, while Alconbrians imprisoned in Altivebrio needed to be freed once this treaty is effective.


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