Zier Grvel Troveniz (born 5 March, 1962) is an Alconbrian engineer and weapons designer, who is well known for designing the A-91 and ALG-95 assault rifles, and the Siugo 2K handgun.

Born to a farmer and a school teacher in Jovello, Grvel Troveniz joined the Caburez Brigade in 1978. Thanks to his interest in weapons, he got promoted and served as a weapons instructor, which inspired him to design his weapon. His first weapon, the Orritajo 80 shotgun entered into limited service of the Caburez Brigade, but it could not achieve mass production due to shortage of labour and raw materials. He joined the Military of Alconbria in 1984, after it's merger with the Caburez Brigade.

His selective-fire assault rifle, the A-91; an enhanced variant of the AK-74 was widely used by Alconbrian special forces during the Altivebrian Civil War. He then joined as a senior weapons designer in Alconbria Military Industries in 1993, selected by founder and fellow weapons designer Videl Sanz.

He was captured by the Altivebrio Defense Forces in 1994, but was swiftly rescued by the Military of Alconbria. He unveiled the ALG-95 in 1995, which was then selected as the standard issue assault rifle of the MOA, due to it's immense stopping power, accuracy, mobility, reliability and ease of use. He also designed the Grienfo AV in 1997, an armored vehicle used to spray chemical over military and civilian targets. He unveiled the updated ALG 2K in 2001, and subsequently the Panther EN automatic pistol in 2005. He then unveiled the Turv PDW personal non-lethal defense weapon in 2008, which was given free of cost to all Alconbrian citizens for security.

He married Lita Troveniz, an Alconbrian Armed Forces Lt. General in 1995, when they both served in the Military of Alconbria. They have one son, Lucio Troveniz, who is a political analyst. Grvel currently lives with his wife in Castillo del Vecchio in the Pleforio ward. He was briefly hospitalized following a motorcycle accident in 2009. He is blind on his right eye, after coming in contact with a dangerous gas sprayed by the Altivebrio Defense Forces in 1992.

He received multiple honours for his contribution in developing the Alconbrian weapons industry, as well as creating efficient Alconbrian weapons which paved way to the country's freedom and international recognition. He was one of the honourable guests at Paul del Santé's funeral in 2011, and was seated next to Videl Sanz and Rubén Narváez. His portrait is also hung in Alconbrian Hall, next to Eloisa Narváez and his wife, Lita Troveniz, and below Genten Horenz and above Slvio Eretso.

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