Granda Halv is a satirical Alconbrian political comedy series which airs every weekend on ABC 2, broadcast at 10:00 PM.

The series portrays several world leaders of the past and present living in a fictional apartment in the city of Los Hell, and telecasts their day-to-day activities, parodying their rule and speeches.


Betty Walters (Kayte Tarona) led a corrupt dictatorship in a tiny European nation before she was killed by a male prostitute. On her way to hell, she meets Milton McDay (Milo Vaterwyke), a newly-elected American President who committed suicide because he did know a byte about being president. They both discover that hell isn't what they imagined, but it was a ruined city, and The Guardian (Greta Cruz), the self-proclaimed guardian of the city tomboy forces them to move into an apartment complex, the Granda Halv, which is inhabited by other fellow heads of state.


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