Governorate of Alconbria
Tervoneila ez Alconbriano (Alconbrian)
Gobernación de Alconbria (Spanish)
Autonomous region


Capital Unforto
Languages Alconbrian and Spanish
Religion Rila'wiar and Frellism
Demonym Alconbrian
Government Direct constitutional democracy
 •  1828–1834 Cerdosine Olveysey
 • 1846–1851 Miguel Ferrensias
Historical era Reconstruction era
 • End of the Altivebrian War of Independence 1828
 •  Treaty of Gvonn 8 July 1828
 •  First Altivebrian-Mexican War 19 January 1851
 •  1850 30,528 km² (11,787 sq mi)
 •  1850 est. 200,245 
     Density 6.6 /km²  (17 /sq mi)
Currency Altivebrian lempira
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Newcataloniaf Viceroyalty of New Catalonia
Northern Territory Altivebrio
Domonstrojes Altivebrio
Poza del Oeste Altivebrio

The Governorate of Alconbria, was Altivebrio's only autonomous region from the country's formation in 1828 till 1851, when the governorate was broken into smaller states following the First Altivebrian-Mexican War.

The governorate was established following the Treaty of Gvonn between the Alconbrians and Altivebrio's first president Lázaro Almonte Lombardo, as a reward for the Alconbrians' contribution to the Altivebrian War of Independence. The Alconbrians, composed mainly of European immigrants were able to develop a highly successful mini-state with a thriving economy, leading to distrust between the Altivebrians and the Alconbrians, leading to a referendum in 1850, in which the Alconbrians voted to join Mexico. King Tomás, of the Altivebrian Empire didn't agree, and invaded Alconbria in February 10, 1850; leading to the First Altivebrian-Mexican War. The United Kingdom supported the Alconbrians against the Altivebrians, who were backed by Spain and Guatemala. In the end, the Mexican army was militarly defeated by the Altivebrians, and King Tomás revoked the governorate's autonomy, and split the region into many more states.

The governorate was the last region controlled by the Alconbrians till the Alconbrian War of Independence, which began in 1984, leading to the Alconbrian controlled Territory of Alconbria, and later to the internationally recognized Federal State of Alconbria.